Not Through Choice.

I wear cloth nappies and plastic baby pants but not through choice.
My Mistress has a very strict dress code for me which from time to time means i have to wear terry nappies under my plastic baby pants.
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I have always been curious about being forced into diapers

Maybe it is time you changed your curious side into reality and tried cloth nappies and nice plastic baby pants to satisfy yourself.

I don't think I could ever do that willingly. It would be so humiliating

That also could be arranged. Not just making you wear them but also use them for their intended purpose. Now if you think wearing a nappy and plastic pants is humiliating, how humiliating will it be for you to then have to ask to have your wet nappy changed???

Very humiliating. Too humiliating. Would you make me ask ?

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I think it's great that you are wearing cloth diapers.<br />
You wash them by hand is even better.<br />
To dry in the garden facing the neighbor.<br />
Who know well that there is no baby at home.<br />
They know you're a dirty girl!

Good little sissy.

But sissy it appears you do not wear cloth diapers. Not very good for the environment.<br />
Like bbj above we have to wash out dirty nappies and rish humiliation and embarasment hanging them on our washing lines along with our plastic pants. DO YOU?

As it should be baby. I always wear cloth under my plastic panties, unless of course it's just the plastic panties by themselves :)