I Wear Cloth Diapers At Home

I got my first cloth diaper in 2007 or 2008 and my husband used to put it on me over my disposable. I never wore it alone. Then in 2009 I got another cloth diaper someone was giving away and one night I decided to wear that one and the other and I put on some plastic pants and they felt so nice and soft. I also peed in them and enjoyed it. The next morning I washed them.

I started going on ebay and bidding on cloth diapers that were hand made by someone and I got some other cloth diapers from other sellers and one from China. I even got some from etsy. I was hooked on them and even got some for my husband but he preferred disposables after he tried them. He even bid on a cloth diaper too and won it.

I have been wearing cloth off and on ever since because they save money and I only use disposables for work or when I am gone out of the home for a while. Now I wear them all the time now that I am 24/7. But I hate getting rashes so here I am naked typing this letting myself air out even though I am supposed to be diapered. I can even feel when they are starting to form so I like to let my skin air out when I can without my husband catching me. My excuse would just be if he catches me that I was too lazy to put one on and notice how I am naked also because I was also too lazy to put my pajamas on.

Plus cloth is great for peeing lying down and doing your morning pees in or heavy pees.

Now if only the dryer would dry things all the way, my diapers would feel soft than stiff because I refuse to pay three times to have them dried fully so I let them air dry after they are done drying. We have coin operated machines. But when we move into a house, they will be dried fully again because we wouldn't have to pay quarters to dry them except for our own electric.
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I love your beautiful sincere stories. Being naked is good for a body. I would say we are well clothed in our skin. Keep up the good work!

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