Terry Nappies

I also much prefer terry (cloth) nappies, mainly because they hold more wee and don’t tend to leak. I also find them far more sensual under a pair of lovely plastic pants. Nothing quite like letting a flood of warm wee fill my nappy and feeling the lovely warm wetness spread and my nappy getting heavier between my legs as the day progresses. I also find I can keep a terry nappy on far longer than a disposable which I like as I want to keep it on as long as possible. Of course there are times when my terry gets too full and that begins to leak. I also find that disposables disintegrate too quickly especially when I play with myself. I use large square terry nappies which I pin in place, they are best but  I do also use terry pull-ups occasionally, which don’t hold quite so much wee but are not quite as bulky. This is not a problem at home when I enjoy wandering around in just my nappy and plastic pants. I also find the sight of a nice wet terry nappy under clear plastic pants a great turn-on. I would love to hear from others who enjoy this as much as I do and can be contacted direct by e.mail if you like edenisparsons@aol.com. Stay wet and happy in your nappy

Dennap Dennap
51-55, M
Mar 2, 2010