Cloth Pads. Great Prices And A Give Away!!!

Hello Ladies,


I just wanted to let you all know that I am now offering cloth pads on  Since I am new there, I will be listing cloth pads at introductory prices.  You can take a look at them at: www.


I also own a website and will be giving away a set of 10 cloth pads for this month's Monthly Give Away!!!   Stop by here for details:


My cloth pads have 5 layers of soft cotton flannel, PLUS an inner core of very absorbant organic bamboo batting, which is naturally anti-bacterial.  The wing has an upper layer of flannel, with a bottom layer of moisture resistant fleece.  They can last up to 5 years or more!  Stop buying chemical laden disposable pads & tampons every month and do something healthy for your body, and the earth!


Stop by and take a look, you'll be glad you did!  Wishing you all of my best :)



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Exactly how are they wore, are they attached to panties with fasteners of some kind, or do they have a belt like the old pads did in our mother's day. Using cloth pads is a very interesting concept and I can actually seeing this catching on, it's just the question of how to actually wear them. The cleaning of them seems it might be a bit of an issue also.

well for a minute there i thought i was on the verge of loosing it. this be the 1st i ever heard of such

"Some 90yrs later 10%-15% of the population has fertility issues, not a huge percentage until you realize it's over 7million people."<br />
<br />
ahhh, a lil bit of good news concerning overpopulation, finally! :D

In the sixties when my periods started, pads were a joke. I used to have to wear a string belt with hooks at either end to fasten to the towel which moved around anyway. Tampons were not recomended in those days for teenagers, for fear of toxic shock & genital developement hinderance, and I had several leak. So the cup was a prefered method. Some doubted the cup for the same reason as tampons, but I got on with the cup ok. It was better than anything else, until the re-developement of high absorbent materials as used today. I still have my periods now at 53, but its heaven compared to when they first started. Did someone say washing machine? A what?<br />
Love to you all<br />

Kindal~ I've been using cloth for over 2yrs now & they are still as clean/fresh as the day I made them. How do you clean them? Their cloth, made out of fabric so you wash them in the washing machine of course. <br />
KittyChanel~ Yes it's better for the earth but it's also better for you too. I'm not going to list off all the reasons because if you want to know you can google it but I will make one point, before the invention of disposable pads infertility was almost nonexistent. (same goes for disposable diapers but that's a different subject) Some 90yrs later 10%-15% of the population has fertility issues, not a huge percentage until you realize it's over 7million people. The chemicals in disposable pads has actually been proven harmful to the human reproductive system. How do they get away with it? People don't care & when they think of (healthier) cloth pads they go "EWWW"