Two For A Good Time

My boyfriend and I frequently have bareback sex, but there are times that I have him wear condoms - two actually. The purpose in doing so is to desensitize the feeling that he gets, so that it takes longer for him to ***. This way, he can be rough (which usually makes him *** faster), while also taking a longer time.
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Wait, there's another fun solution that's been used on me in an attempt To regain control over my over sensitive penis and prolong the fun.

There are desensitizer creams and rubbers with this stuff inside instead of lube.

Look for Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms or Durex Proformax condoms.

We use them on me as a game where we have the dreaded "bag-o-rubbers" that I reach into and use on Mr Happy without looking. The game is that if I pick a desensitizing one, after a few minutes my penis starts losing some feeling and after a few more it's numb making climax almost impossible, but watching me trying and getting frustrated is the fun game.

Since I have a terrible habit of mastrubating all the time these have helped reduce a it bit but now I try ********* as soon as possible in in case I'm in a numbing rubber but I guess that decreases the time wasted.

More often than not I end up after ten minutes inserted in one of these numbing condoms only to find that I have to give up, sweaty and very frustrated!


As the old nun was admonishing her class of girls against illicit relations, she asked the question: "Is an hour of pleasure worth a lifetime of regret?" To which one of the young lasses asked, "How do you make it last an hour?" Two condoms may hold part of the answer! Thick ones, Rough Riders with little bumps on them.