Live Or Die

Copoxane and there sister meds are over priced needless liquids. You can do better with supplements and common sinces, no smoking, drinking, etc bad, working out good food good. Ms is more a spinal disease, but do not do a spinal tap, MRI is good. If it shows in your spine you have a problem. Do not let your doctor brain wash you and get you down, a terrible abuse is being down to you and will continue as long as you fall pray to them making a profit off you. Neurologist are evil people who can do nothing but write a prescription, not like a surgeon who can feel good about his self for the work he does to actual help a patent. Now for my experience with ms and neurology, tried the copoxane two years of hell, that and some other expiramental drugs. I do not pay a time for any of the drugs but I still will not take them, supplements and good living, 15 years drug free still walking talking and living. You choose live or die, wish you well, me I think I will get layed, more fun than copoxane.
Be well
Yournut Yournut
Dec 7, 2012