Since i was little dance to me was a form of expression, a way to share my secrets without anyone knowing...sad songs hold all my tears so when i dance to them it is with sadness i dance....every emotion i can express this way..... I come from the country so it was possible for me to dance in the outdoors and for no one to see this day i dont see people and often dance.....been busted quite a few times....i mainly get smiles when i have been caught...when i have been clubbing i drift away i really do get lost in the music and dont see people either.......until they are close enough for me to feel them or they ask me to join in....i dont need alcohol to dance just the back beat and meaningful lyrics... one day i would like to take professional classes in lyrical hip hop.until then i dance on.......deb
todreaminblue todreaminblue
41-45, F
Dec 2, 2012