Depression As A Tool?

 Ending or Controlling Depression…?

In order to control or destroy any kind of enemy- we must first “know” who or (what) the enemy is. First of all; there is no absolute cure for any kind of disease. As long as you live in a human body, (you) Will always be a target for any given disease. Remission is nothing more than “disease that fell asleep. And, if your real lucky; the “disease will sleep” until the day of your physical demise. Not all of us are So lucky. “Disease” is nothing more than (negative-based) energy. “Energy” cannot be created nor Destroyed according to physics. It can be stretched- compressed or condensed…but, not destroyed.

Depression is nothing more than (emotionally trapped energy” with no place to go leaving a feeling of Defeat & helplessness. Depression is (raw energy) emitted from within you, which makes “depression” A (tool). Lets say you have a house full of tools & one day you require a screwdriver- but you chose To use a bobby pin or (butter-knife) instead; what will the outcome be? Who knows? You might Even get lucky- but if you used the proper tool you needed in the 1st place- the task might have even Been easier from the beginning.

 Here is a (fast-track) way of treating depression. Consider “aspirin”. It eases most headaches by Thinning the blood- but, if the sufferer does nothing to increase his/her liquid intake- then more headaches Can be expected. So, how do we use depression as…(a tool?) Its called “Chi-Quan-do” an exercise In moving (energy.) You 1st stand strait & begin to inhale & exhale @ a slow pace with your eyes Closed. Begin to think of someone you dislike. After about 3 minutes of this simple meditation- take A deep breathe & hold it for about 10 seconds & then in a sudden tense of your whole body- raise Both your hands toward the roof or clouds; say in a forceful whisper; I expel this depression & Command it to enter the body of; (any-name). Here, you can also adlib anything else you like…

And, Then just begin to relax & go back to what you were doing prior to the exercise in quest...

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Oh like sending the bad energy back to whoever send it to you... Or made you feel that way. Very clever... It is true some arseholes just want to make you feel bad because they themselves are miserable souls... Just say NO to carrying their baggage for them and with them; especially when you know you can really do nothing to help them if they are of those that cannot be helped!!! Thank you for posting this!