Bedwetter Is Diapered And Punished

My wife has become frustrated with me and my occasional bedwetting. Some nights I just sleep so soundly that I've wet the bed before I wake up. It is very embarrassing. I apologize to my wife Beth profusely and I wash the sheets and make the bed but she has decided that I can no longer sleep with her in the same bed. This crushed me when she told me and I began to cry. I begged her but she was firm that she would not wake up in a wet bed again. She asked me if I had any suggestions but I didn't. Later the evening her best friend, Kim, stopped by and to my horror she described our problem to her and asked for suggestions. Kim had a gleam in her eye as she told Beth that if she diapered me...... that would keep the bed dry and allow us to sleep together. Beth loved the idea. She looked at me and asked if I wanted to sleep with her. I nodded yes and told me only if I began wearing diapers each night.

We all jumped in the car and drove to a medical supply store. We looked at the disposable diapers but Kim pointed out that they were not environmentally friendly and that we should buy cloth diapers and plastic pants. They picked some out and had me take them to the check out where they informed the girl that I had a bedwetting problem and they hoped that these diapers would help. The cashier agreed that these diapers work.

Once we were back home, Beth had me take my pants off and lie on the carpet. I obeyed. She had me lift my bottom so she could slip my underwear off. She then spread the diaper out and pulled it up between my legs. I become fully erect during this process and Kim commented how much I was enjoying this, Beth just smiled.

Beth was struggling with the diaper so Kim offered to help. How humiliating, being diapered by Beth's best friend. She tugged and tightened the diaper into position and pinned it in place like only a mother could. She then asked Beth for the plastic pants. Kim held them up for me to see. She called them rubber baby pants, they had snaps so she positioned them under my bottom and pulled them up between my legs and snapped them in place. She tucked the diaper in all around the elastic leg openings and the waist band. Then she padded the front, feeling my hard on and said "Baby Bobbie's all ready for beddy by." I cringed. Beth loved it and dressed me in my pajama top. I went to get my pajama bottoms but Kim stopped me and said that I could wear only the top so it would be easier to change my diaper when I wet it. I started to cry. There I knelt on the carpet in diapers and plastic baby pants that were not covered al all by my PJ top. I felt just like a baby.

Beth hugged me and assured me that the diapers were the right solution to my bedwetting and looked forward to sleeping in a dry bed. She then led me by the hand to bed and tucked me in. She would be up later after Kim left.

The next morning when we woke up, Beth immediately checked my diaper. It was soaked. She smiled and said "we got you into diapers just in time didn't we". She waited for me to nod in agreement. She hugged me and fondled me, commenting on how nice it was to wake up in a dry bed. I kissed her all over ultimately bringing her to full climax with my tongue, all while in my wet diaper. I asked if I could enter her and she giggled, "you have a wet diaper, no sex for my little wet diapered baby, you need to take a shower, besides, I am fully satisfied." Well at least I got to sleep with her was my thought, but I knew I would be in diapers for a long time. Beth brought me downstairs for breakfast, we me still in my wet diaper. I complained but Beth just brushed me off and said that she would change me in a while. While eating breakfast, Kim popped in and loved seeing me sitting there in my wet diaper. She couldn't resist patting my soaking wet diaper. She also said "we got you diapered just in time" and commented to Beth that I should wear the wet diaper for a while to remind me of my need to try harder to stay dry. After a bit, I said that I needed to go to the bathroom, Kim jumped in to say "no bathroom for diapered babies, you can just put that diaper to good use." I held off as long as I could but Kim and Beth had a good laugh as I made faces and squirmed, finally relieving myself in my diaper as they watched. I waddled across the room as Kim had me get on my changing cloth, then instructed me to beg for my diaper to be changed. I asked "Kim, please take my wet diaper off." She told me to address her as Miss Kim (and Miss Beth) and explain why I was diapered and why she should take it off. I had to beg and plead with Miss Kim to ...that my diaper was fully wet and I might get a rash if she didn't change me. I confessed that I was a baby bedwetter that had soaked my night-time diaper like a baby. Finally, she removed my baby pants and wet diaper, then sent me to the shower. When I came down dressed for the day, Beth said that I needed to wash my diapers and rubber pants, then said that since it was a nice day I could hang them out on the clothes line outside. I complained but it was no use, I would be out in the yard hanging my diapers and baby pants on the line for all the neighbors to see. Kim commented on how disrespectful it was for Baby Bobbie to question her directions and that I needed to be disciplined. Beth agreed. I apologized, but Beth was firm. Then Beth asked Kim to suggest some punishments that she thought would teach me to be more respectful. Kim commented that humiliation was the best punishment and suggested that she make me wear diapers all day under some tight slacks that would show my bulky diaper. She then whispered more in Beth's ear, which led to more giggles and a comment that I would get a surprise humiliation at the mall. Miss Kim then offered to diaper me. On went the diapers and baby pants for the day with loss of bathroom priviledges. Beth brought down a white pair of her feminine slacks for me to wear, my bulky diaper and crinkly baby pants were quite obvious.
Miss Beth had me pack a diaper bag with fresh diapers, baby pants and powder in case I needed to be changed. Then she had me drink several large glasses of water to ensure I be soaked before long. When we got to the mall Kim and Beth lead me to the lingerie dept and began looking at night gowns. After looking at many, they asked me what I thought and I pointed out the one that I thought was very sexy. They giggled and said "Surprise" The nightie our surprise for you to wear at night with your diapers. They then called the sales girl over and asked what size would fit me. She introduced herself as Wendy, she looked me over me over and commented on how nicely my slacks fit and patted my diapered bottom. She suggested a size large and took us to a rack of baby doll nighties. Beth picked out a lacey pink one with matching bloomers. Wendy mentioned that the bloomers had lots of room and would even fit over diapers. Everyone giggled at the thought of me in a pink baby doll and bloomers covering my diapers. I started to squirm and Beth knew I needed to pee. I asked if I could go to the bathroom, but Beth said no way, babies don't use the bathroom, they go in their diapers. She added that I better be careful and go slowly so my diaper doesn't leak since I had already wet it once. Beth, Kim and Wendy watched as I slowly peed my diaper, it swelled and swelled making my slacks tight and forcing me to waddle as I walked. They thought is was so funny. Kim asked if I would like to be changed and I said yes. Miss Kim told me that I would have to wait since there was no place to change me. Wendy jumped in and said that we could use a dressing room. Miss Kim told me to thank Wendy and have her show us to the changing room and that while we were at it, ask her if I could try on my new baby doll nightie. She led us to a large dressing room where Miss Kim proceeded to undress me and lay me down. She pulled out the powder and a fresh diaper from my diaper bag. Beth and Wendy watched as she powdered me and pinned the fresh diaper on me. Then Wendy had me hold my hands up as she dressed me in my new baby doll nightie. The fit was perfect. She had me go to the mirror to look at my nightie and the bloomers which were hardly covered by the short baby doll, then, I had to twirl to show off my bloomers fully. Kim suggested I wear it home, Wendy said that would be fine. After we checked out, I had to walk thru the mall and to the car wearing a baby doll nightie and my diapers.
That night Miss Beth had me kneel as she spread her legs and had me bring her to several climaxes.  She told me she liked my tongue much more than my penis which was a good thing since my penis was snugly in my diaper and baby pants.  She tucked me in all diapered, snug in my plastic baby pants and wearing a feminine pink baby doll nightie. My humiliation punishment was complete and I had thoroughly learned not to disrespect Miss Beth or Miss Kim again.  Beth laughed with Kim as she thanked her for such a great solution to my bedwetting problem. 
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Great story!

This is a great example how strong women should treat men who wet beds. Forced age Regression and public humiliation is the right way to turn a man in his right position.
When I was about 7 years old it happend like that. My Governess put me back in diapers and real rubber Pants. My older sisters where watching and gigled. From then on they also forced me to wear the clothes of my sisters. Specially the plastic capes for rainy days where humiliating for me. Some day they send me to a Lady doctor to explain her about my wetting Problem. I had to undress und lay on the rubber covered examination table only wearing my diapers and rubber Pants. She couldnt resist to smile at my Governess and comented how cute I look.
Then she pulled my rubber Pants down, opened the diapers and had a look at my limp penis, examined everything carefully. At the end she said "you can get him back in his diapers, it's all OK with him, I can't find any physical Problem"
Finally she found that it should rather be a psycholological reason than a medical one and she should just Keep me diapered and the Problem would be solved by itself.
My treatment continued and I was ordered to be diapered also at School, to remind me what a silly bedwetter I was. Diaper humiliation would be the best treatment to heal me. It was a calm subtle kind of punishment. I tried to resist and argued against the idea of beeing diapered also for school. But no discussions and also my parents agreed with that. So I tried to tuck all diapers and rubber pants away, put them all in a box and hide it in the cellar.
It was the first time when I got my bare bottoms spanked hardly in front of my sisters, then I had to stay in the corner, diapered and in my rubber pants, I was affronted by my Governess loud and I had to confess under tears to obey otherwise I was brought to a reformatory. My mother found the idea very good as she had enough from my bad behavior and habbits. They discussed it seriously to bring me to that reformatory unless I change my behavior instantly.
From that day, I became very obeyant and followed all the orders. So my Governess brought me to school in diapers and shorts. She explained the teacher about my bedwetting and that I had to wear my rubber pants all the time.
They stopped my treament when I was about 12 years old.
When I was 16 my sexuality woke up and I found that plastic and rubber fascinated me. I becan to collect money and bought my first rainsuit in plastic. Trousers and Jacket in yellow plastic. I had in on during the night and had my first ****** in bed. A few month later my mother found the plastic under my bed and she asked me about it. But I only got red and couldn‘t say a word. She understood quickly that I din’t use the suit only for rainy days. So she brought me to a psychiatrist and explained him what I did. I had to go to him for 4 Sessions and at the end he said, that he could not help and that rather my mother should go to a psychiatrist.
Today I am a real fetishist and like to wear diapers, rubber and plastic pants. I am divorced and would like to meet a lady who takes me as I am and treat me like a diapered sissyboy.

I also get punished with my wife. I wear diapers and plastic panties in pink. I really get some wild things that pop up. This all started when my wife saw me rubbing my penis in the bed and she did not like that. it was only just some rubbing but not with her. I get into trouble I get punished. She strips me down and dress me up like a baby. But first I get a good spanking with a rubber strap and does hurt. She then makes me stand in the cornor noise in the cornor and nothing to cover my red butt. After about 1 hour I get my dressing..Get up on the bed you bad baby. I get double diapered and I wear a pink plastic pantie that has a chain with a lock on it. I can not get out of my diaper. I have to wear mittens on my hands and that ends that problem..Then I get a couple of bottles and I am tucked in the crib yes criib I have one and I have to be tied down and it is nitie and that ends that. Bathroom is closed .He has his bathroom on him..I really like it but sometime I get tired. She will no give up. When her lady friends come they get to see me dressed as a girl toddler whe wets herself..