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Wife'S Diaper Punishments Teach Me To Be Submissive

As I write I am in a wet diaper and will be until my wife, Jenny, decides to change me. When I displease Jenny, she diapers me as punishment. The punishment has 3 levels depending on how serious she decides my offense was.

The first level is "Diapered with toilet privileges". I have to wear a diaper for the time she decides, usually 24 or 48 hours. But I can go to the bathroom with her permission, which means I don't have to wet or soil my diaper. Jenny like this for minor offenses since she knows how humiliating it is for me to have to shuffle around with a bulky and noisy diaper and plastic baby pants. Having to ask her permission to use the toilet adds to my punishment. She loves to wait until I am squirming and dancing around with the need to pee.

The second level is "Diapered with limited toilet privileges" which means I have cannot use the bathroom when I have to pee. I have to pee in my diaper. But I can use the toilet for a poopy with permission. Jenny likes this punishment since I have to wear wet diapers but she doesn't have to smell or change a poopy diaper. I appreciate this mercy also.

The third punishment level is "Diapered with no toilet privileges". I cannot use the toilet under any circumstances. I have to tell her when I have wet or soiled my diaper and she decides when I will be changed. This puts me totally at her mercy. Sometimes I have to sit for hours in my wet diaper and am often I am required to obey humiliating commands before she will change me.

Yesterday I complained about a task Jenny told me to do, she thought that was disrespectful and she immediately sentenced me to 48 hours of Diapered with limited toilet priviledges". So I here I am, wearing a wet diaper, waiting for her permission to change my diaper. Jenny has warned me that I will be in my wet diaper for a while since she has some extra punishments for me first. I have to drink a bottle of warm formula, and then kneel satisfy her completely with my tongue. If all goes well, she will then change into a fresh, dry diaper and add a pacifier for me to suck on until bedtime. She will make me wear a lacey nylon baby doll nightie to bed. She claims it is easier for her to change me if I wear a feminine baby doll, but I am sure she likes the humiliation it adds to my punishment.

I am learning to obey and respect Jenny completely and to show my submissiveness to her so that I can avoid Diaper punishment. She tells me that I have a lot to learn and that I should expect to be diapered frequently.
Sissy916 Sissy916 41-45, M 3 Responses Apr 24, 2013

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I believe your wife has discover the most excellent tool for training a husband to be willingly submissive and faithfully obedient. It's amazing just how much power a woman can wield when she has ******** a man of his adult privileges and his sense of masculinity. It becomes very difficult for a man to argue with his wife when he is standing there in a wet and/or soiled diaper, while wearing a pretty feminine baby-doll nighty or nightgown, while waiting for her permission to have his diaper changed.
Your wife has found the key to having a peaceful and successful marriage.

I am under just about the same setup.If I do things that she doesent like it is the same like you. Level 1 is just the diaper and toilet with her permission. Level 2 is a little better I will be spanked with a nice paddle and will get 50 spanks , then cornor punishment for i hour and then diapered.. Same just wetting and no poop Level 3 full punishment.. A nice spanking for my butt. I will be spanked real hard with double number of spanks. This really gets my butt really sore. 2 hours in the cornor with no clothing. Then double diapered and a pair of pink plastic panties with a chain and lock. Mr you have to make in your diaper and boy you will use them.. She is not kidding You will get a baby bottle and baby food and then to bed and I dont want you out. binkeyboy

As I'm diapered every night for bed, diaper punishment for me is just a continuation of being diapered. When my wife decides to use diaper punishment I'm told simply to "go to the bed room, I'm going to get you ready for bed/nap" it can be any time of the day and I know what she really means. Go get ready to be diapered. The only difference is that sometimes she'll put two cloth diapers over my disposable diaper and then plastic panties. The cloth diapers are 39 layers thick so by the time she put on 2 with a disposable diaper I can barely walk.... well at least not normal looking. While I'm only really a bed wetter (and sometimes on long car trips) I don't have a choice about the potty when I'm in diapers. The potty is off limits. In most cases she checks my diaper often and changes whenever needed. She really thinks it extremely hilarious when I have to go poop. I normally try to hold it until diaper punishment is over and I can use the potty but sometimes that's not possible. She insists on watching while I go in my diaper. Sometimes she'll reward me with ending diaper punishment one I go poop in my diaper. For that reason sometimes I try and go before she makes me go with her to the store, so I don't have to go diapered. It doesn't always work :(