I Love ******

I confess, I use ****** in my anus, my mouth too, almost ever day.  I love ****, sucking it and being ******.  Unfortunately I can't get the real thing on a regular basis so it's the next best thing.  Nothing big, I'm not into sitting on telephone poles, just normal size or slightly smaller.  It keeps me in shape so when I do get the real thing I'm ready, don't have any pain but not all stretched out from playing with ****** the size of fence posts, I can respond better and we both have a great time.  I like to be snug but comfortable, it allows me to provide a more enjoyable experience, and after all, that's what I'm here for.  I've been so conditioned to the feeling of being penetrated that I find it difficult to achieve ****** unless I have something inside me, and when I do I find I can't help but ******. 

SissyDenise SissyDenise
56-60, M
4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

You are what you are i am just now struggling to come to terms with my sexuality. It can get confusing at times.

Indeed it can. But it is never to late to be free of the restrictions society puts on us. The things that many perceive as taboo or dirty. As long as your not hurting anyone including yourself and it feels good then why not???

It's a long story dorobo. My wife and I come from a different time, kind of like a world far, far away. It was different back them, conservative, the era of the Cleavers type thing. We grew up much more repressed, hiding anything not considered by society to be "normal". My wife discovered my tastes for cross dressing years ago when she found some of my lingerie. She had been out of town, I had been dressing every evening after work, she came home a day early and the sruff was out. At least she didn't freak, it took awhile before she didn't think of me as some perv, but the decades we spent together made her decide I was still a keeper. Still, she knows I like to dress, she's seen my "toys", but it's not something we can still talk about, and as the years slip by we're pretty much running out of time. She has come a long way, the internet has opened her eyes quite a bit that I'm not the only one, the world is more diverse and accepting than it used to be, so as long as I keep it discrete, none of our friends or family are aware, I look "normal" in public, it's one of those things that just lingers in the shadows. She suspects I'm bi-sexual but doesn't know I've been with any men. I could be wrong, but I just don't feel she's ready to accept that. We've been married over 40 years, been through an awful lot of tough times, some good times, the bond is strong, forged in economic and medical hardships where we learned we could always count on each other to be there. The time is coming though, sometimes I hate these feelings, hate not being able to be the man she wants me to be, hate being a sissy inside, hate these feelings towards men. But then when I can dress and play I'm happy. The world of my creation is not me, and I can't get out. Since I can't turn back time I'm often glad I'm as old as I am, there's less time left to live the lie.<br />
Sorry, that just kind of happened.

Oh BarbieB, I'm always so ready for the real thing, there's nothing else like it, nothing like the real thing, the heat, the feeling as it grows bigger and tighter and it gets more aroused, the changing rhythm, faster,slower, deeper, not so deep, withdraw and penetration, that feeling as it's pushed in hard and **** deep inside, sometimes I can't help but *** without ever being touched, just from the heat and stimulation. I'd love to be able to get together with you and feel you inside me, have you *** inside me, a gift left inside me to cherish. Oh my, now I've done it, gotta go get the *****, think of you, the 2 of us dressed in stockings and satin, hearing the hiss of soft satin and stockings rubbing as we let nature take it's course.

Oh Denise, can't wait till you are ready for the real thing. I volunteer to stick my real hard **** into your *** and *** deep inside. Just let me know when you are ready for some HOT action.