I'm Adickted To Anal

Since I have not yet had the pleasure of having a real ****, I have had to focus my desires on using ******. When I first started anally I would use vibrators and found ****** to big and unpleasant. But lately the ***** that use to be "TO BIG" has been set aside for a slightly bigger one, and I no longer even have to spend time preparing for, just lube it up and slowly slide it in. I crave it often and so wish I could get ****** by a real **** and have it fill me with its seed. I think i'am aDICKted to it. I love to have that full feeling in my *** that makes my girly **** ooze, then I can scoop up my reward with my other ***** and suck the *** of it, which only drives me crazier with passion. ohh my!!,  I have to go get it out again, by sweety

jamie8008 jamie8008
31-35, T
5 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I am currently working with a vibrator and hoping to work up to bigger and better, have yet to get a real **** up my *** but really really want to

Sometimes I use a ***** to get ready for a "date". When he's ready, I'm ready... :) Really helps with first timers or guys that are hung.

amen I have the spirt of ameraica big and filling it is a nice ride just wish I had a friend to work me with them

Good girl a nice **** in the *** is wonderful.

Ohh hunny you are so lucky, how many ******* did you have. Do you get ****** by **** lots.