Dreaming, With Three Eyes Open

 This past weekend I experienced probably one of the most opening experiences of my life. I did a drug called DMT. DMT is dimethyltryptamine is it essentially the chemical that your brain produces while you are in REM sleep.

It's in powder form, you smoke it like crack. It tastes like smoking barbie doll heads.

I hit it once and exhaled, I hit it twice and exhaled, when I opened my eyes after the second hit. Lines had clarity and colors were bright. My tribe of friends beamed with colors of every ones unique ora.

You've heard the phrase "prying open my 3rd eye"

Experience it..

Almost a week later now I feel like I am attracting and reflecting positive energy. I see into people instead of seeing them. Colors are STILL more vibarant. When I do sleep, I sleep heavy and dream vividly.


inkdchick1203 inkdchick1203
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

****,You are going mad.Save yourself fromthe drugs and the halucinations.