Southern Belle

"Bless your heart" "Darling" "Sugar"  and "Honey"are all things you may hear me say or see me type when my SC roots are showing. I mean no disrespect in my words and I hope that you will find the words endearing and not offensive.

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I mostly grew up in Texas, and we got a lot of the "honey"s and "darlin"s, but when we moved to North Carolina three years ago, we noticed everybody and their mother says "bless your heart" aaaaaall the time around here. To be honest the sweet-talk kind of gets on my nerves, it feels like people are being condescending, but that's just my knee-jerk reaction. I know not many are. So now whenever I hear "bless your heart" I can't stop giggling.

And then add to that the hair swing and little wink or batting of the eyes and it adds so much to the allure. I like to be called baby in the right scenario, I would get a little mad if you called me baby in the bedroom.

I love it when women use endearments with me. Its an added bonus when the women is a beauty (such as you, foreverheart honey), but I would still be flattered even if it was a crusty female judge sentencing me to prison. <br />
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But as a man I am cautious about using endearments with women unless I know them well enough, especially in a professional environment. It seems that women (especially intelligent independent women) don't like to get endearments from the wrong men, as if calling her baby or sweetie is a put down. Am I right?

Thanks honey!

Bless your little heart Josie! Thank you hon!

Don't use them all the time but I do too. Most seem to accept them in the gracious manner they are intended.<br />
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You, my dear, are a sweetheart.

At least it is effing sunshine hon.

Nice, Buttercup, you've made my morning a ball of warm effing Sunshine! ~~Grrrrrrrrrr... :P

Okay hon. I will try to never call you hon because I know it would drive you **** crazy hon. How about hun is that any better hon?

LOL. YOu can call me anything but "Hon". I worked with a gal that every other word for everyone was Hon. Drove me **** silly!! I tend to use Sunshine or Buttercup. But depending on my mood this can be an endearment, or a snarky response! ;)

Thank you for your comments y'all. Bless your little hearts for reading my story.

I use them too ... if people don't like it ... that's tough ... I mean no disrespect ... on the contrary ... it's a sign of affection ... ;-)

Sweet, I always use that one, and honey

I use the term baby a lot too. I am not certain that is Southern as much as a woman thing. I am full of it too. I have a friend that calls me little onion. He is from GA and I always thought that was a GA thing. Do you know?

I do the same.....add to my list, chicky, chica, baby, love,'m definitely full of it!!!!!!!!!