As Part Of My Beauty Regimen

Oh yes , I use essential oils for different things 

When bathing ,I put some lavender oil in my hot steamy water , and the aroma will calm me ... help me unwind as well as being good for my skin and keep it looking fantastic!!

I rub tea tree oil in my fingernails to keep them white and beautiful ..also if I have a blemish if I put some directly on the blemish it is gone 

Peppermint Oil , I rub on my scalp it keeps my scalp refreshed and really does make my hair shine 

And I love to rub rose oil on my pulse points .....hmmm makes me smell so good !!!




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gotta love that are too cute, Kitti! *hugs*

ohh yes Sylph its great ...* giggles poses for Sylph* ...<br />
<br />
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I promise to try this out, Kitti...and no need for sorries...just keep posing in your avatar - we're good! ;)

ohh Sylph sorry for the late response ...ohh yes the rose oil is so good when I use it and people stand next to me they always comment ...the thing with using the oils that the oil mixes with your individual chemistry .... so that perfume is all your own .....<br />
<br />
ahhh MM well come here , I will put some cinnamon oil on you .. make you smell yummy stay stil MM...hey com back here...<br />
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One thing I can say here is I dont have any knowledge about all these oils !!*Laughs* But if those oils help you to keep you shining,I say thanks to these oils!!

I love lavender oil, Kitti...and I've gotta try the rose oil as you've clearly given us a tip here.<br />
Thanks, honey! *hugs*

ohh yes Laurie .. yes , you just smell so good all day , and you can mix it ....I sometimes mix it with lilacs and it unbelievable !! ...Thanks for commenting Laurie darling =-)

ohh gentlesnow , I will defintely will try patchouli with my lavendar in my bath .. thank s for the tip darling =-)

I use lavendar too, but instead I sprinkle some on my pillowcase at night. It calms me down so well.<br />
I also use Tea Tree Oil instead of a deodorant. It has properties in it which kill bacteria. I've had so many problems with over the counter deodorants over the years. I find that the Tea Tree does a wonderful job of keeping me smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day.<br />
Sometimes I use a little patchouli with lavendar in my bath when I want a very deep relaxing soak. You might want to try it some time :D