I've been under hypnosis for only two months but i'm starting to notice a lot a changes now:) Physical and mental. I feel so feminine now that I'm under hypnosis. This has really brought my feminine self out. I use a really good site called "warpmymind.com" they have many free files. Please if you know of any other free sites let me know, or just anything like feminine tips or anything like hypnosis! Thank you!
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I would love insight on which programs would help me feel more feminine. I am still searching for the right hypnotist but have not came across them yet :(

LMS files are the best files I have listened to from WMM. It should be noted that these are probably the strongest sissification files on the site.There are several free "Little Miss Squidgy" files that are quite powerful, but again they are for the serious sissy and come with the appropriate warnings. After listening to these files it is impossible to deny that part of your identity. It may in fact, consume you and become your only sexual identity so be careful and make sure that feninization is what you truly want. The results might be more than what you bargained for !!!

for anyone who is interested, I have uploaded a bunch of files to my msn skydrive. if you want to download them, send me your msn user name and I will add you to the shared file.

easy way is to open a hotmail account

Can you mail the link to j.allaerts at hotmail.com

Does anyone have any files by Mistress Catgirl? I had quite a few but I ran over my mp3 pla<x>yer :( and being the luddite that I am I wasn't smart enough to keep them on my pc.

my email is toxikphart@gmail if you would like to try to send it. I would be eternally grateful. :)

I just adore feminization hypnosis. Hypnosis made me the girl I am today and continues to improve my femininity more and more. Which files in particular do you attribute the physical changes to? I am very familiar with wmm. Mind Mistress is very good as well as all of the other professional feminization 'tists mentioned in the other comments.

anyone have any Mistress Samba files to share?

whats your favourite file ?

I find WMM to by very amature. I recommend studio jezebel, Issabella Valentine and Mistress Lycia. Email me if you want some files or chat etc lee@iluvdiapies.com

I would be interested in some files and to chat with another user :) I need all the help I can get.

love isabela, had a bunch on my old laptop which died :(

Have you tried it in person yet?

I love WMM and EMG is my fave "tist".