I delight in dominating and controlling sissies, manipulating you for My amusement. I will possess your mind and body, twisting you and molding you to please Me. Torturing you lustfully, causing pain to you, using you as My personal toy - this all is My real nature. I will show you your wildest dreams and you will be grateful. I will respect your limits, but push them for My entertainment. Novice subs will taste the sweetness of submission. I will totally feminize you and bring out the sexiness in you while mindfucking you and brainwashing you into a better life that i plan for you as a sexy sissy ****.
bestmistress bestmistress
41-45, F
12 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Oh god yes. always dreamed of a woman strong enough to feminize and rule me

Sounds wonderful

Please make me your tied and gaged sissy slave I don't want to think any more and need to be controlled by a strong woman
Love sissy tina

Mistress may I ask how far you like to femme your sissys xx

Mistress are you still doing this if you are please please let me know I would like to be your toy.

How can I get help becoming a cumslut sissy I watch hypnosis videos for about a year now and not getting closer looking for tips if you can help please do

Hi Mistress. would love to become your sissy ****....

I love the danger of hypnotic submission.

I do love being put under and going deep into a trance.

Sounds exciting. I dress 24/7 as a girl now, but it be great to feel like on thru hypnosis for sure.

Yes Mistress

How can i be your Sissy slave Mistress?