I Use Any Browser As Long As It's Not Internet Exploder

I just picked this group, I suppose there are more browser groups. Chrome isn't the only one I like...

Yeah, ok, Chrome is a nice one. Great principle (sandboxes) and I'd love to see an operating system working in a similar fashion. But I use whatever browser happens to be available or closest to my mouse pointer. The only one I avoid like the plague is IE, unless every other browser fails to load the site I need to be on (for example certain idiotic companies who believe all their customers use Windows and IE only. Yeah, sure, my house has windows, can I get to the information I want now?).

I know this sounds like an anti-MS rant, and it is. They lost the case against the EU concerning Windows including their browser and not leaving a choice to the consumer. Down boys! You can't just shove everything down our European throats... ;) 

On a more serious note, they try to dominate the PC world. They try to force their ideas of standards through in all sorts of covered ways. (Java is also a nice example of MS trying to force...). Ok, but the subject was Chrome and I'm digressing -as often happens-.

Chrome works as it should and now that extensions became available it's finally 'matured' enough for me to really like it. I was using it as soon as it became available, I love trying out things... But it was still missing extendability. So often I used it in conjunction with Firefox. And as the web goes, not every site loads it correct.

So it lives happily on both my Windows and Linux partitions of my computer, along with Firefox and Opera.

Perturbee Perturbee
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

firefox for me and it is nice to find another linux user

Chrome doesn't like EP for me sometimes. I suspect it's got something to do with the adverts. (When I try to post something the right side overlaps the writing-box).<br />
For EP I prefer FireFox with 'Add-Art' (replaces adverts with 'art') and NoScript (but that last one is for "Advanced" users only).

I still prefer firefox, had quite a few problems with chrome.