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I sometimes sit and laugh when I  watch t.v. and hear another ad for some medication.The side effects are dry mouth dizziness,nose bleeds,diarrhea!  Are you kidding me, and then they have the nerve to say the benefits outweigh the risks and side effects.Your cholesterol may be lowered but you will inherit all these other wonderful problems!

I use herbs for many of my ailments.You will be surprised at the herbs that are available for whatever problem you are having.I have all sorts of herbal teas for everything from asthma to anxiety and stress.God put all of these things on earth for us to use but so many of us are not knowledgeable about what is available to them.

Think about it would you rather pay $100 for a prescription sleeping pill or$3 for a box of tea that will relieve stress and anxiety and put you to sleep.I am always researching and learing about herbs and spices such as curry.I just recently learned that curry has cancer fighting properties and that in India where the curry is most widely used they have the lowest rate of colon cancer.Amazing,do your homework and you will be surprised what you find

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4 Responses May 25, 2008

What is the best herbal sedative I'm an insomniac and I already take certain herbs for pain and to be calm but I have not found a string enough herbal sedative like a sleep aid.

pharmaceutical medicine is not even safe. You're better off drinking a bottle of vodka before taking prescribed medication.

I recently skimmed through a article on herbal teas and such that aide sinus problems. Every other paragraph had warnings and noted that USDA does not support these claims. Honestly ? I would choose natural herbs to heal myself over riskin my life with laboratory pills.

The tea works great especially the sleepy tea for colicky babies!

That's so cool. I never really like taking medication if I can help it... tea sounds great!