Psalm 51:7

Purge me with Hyssop and I shall  be clean;

wash me and i shall be white as snow.


This is what got me started in the herb world. Hyssop is a herb that I drink all the time to keep my body free from what ever God had intended it to clean. I know it seems funny that I use herbs and am going to school for pharmacy, but I think I choose Pharmacy because the drugs are made from herbs. I will not be content to work at the pharmacy however, as I will be more beneficial in the research and development end or in the medical exminers office concluding a drug overdose.

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My grandma used to boil coriander seeds along with ginger and garlic. This extract helps to treat flu and clears the chesty cough/lungs too.

Soma, valium

Yes, that's what I was asking. Can you give some examples?

Nature has provided remedies and cures for thousands of years. Many of the synthetic, modern meds have, at their core, the chemical composition of one or more herbs! Active ingredients synthetically reproduced and marketed.<br />
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Nature will provide - it's just a question of whether people can have faith in an older science or not.

Even though I am in pharm school, Yes I do believe that the government is using meds to keep people sink and dependant on meds......Its really the only way the government can control the poisons that we put into our bodies. The Pharm companies are mking alot of money from thr pharmacy.The government has no control over the growing and consumption on herbs. Does that answer your question?

I just realized my question didn't make any sense - it was incomplete.<br />
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Yes, you do what?


Do you think all the hoopla surrounding pharma and their plans to 'keep us sick', etc?