Adopted Child 2

(this is the continuation of my story)

one day my sister now my mistress orders to me to wait outside of our house in front of the door she also commanded me to kneel down there about half an hour have passed i've heard a vehicle entering our gate it was a van actually 2 van then my sister came out of our house to welcome her guest the van stop in front of the door and when it opened a lot of people came out i think they were around 50 of them.

my sister introduce me to them first she introduce me to her real parents they are around 60 years old i think my sister tells me to kiss her parents feet and so i did. Then the next she introduce me to her brothers and sister all 11 of them 5 boys and 6 girls and all of them have their own families too. most of them have 5 or 6 childrens of thier own. And of course i have to kiss each one of thier feet as i did to thier parents all the kissing lasted i think an hour. After that my sister told me that from now on all of them will live to our house and i will be thier slave all of them she don't care if i allow it or not. Then she told me to lie down in front of the door so that they can wipe thier shoes on me. they step on me sometimes 2 or 3 of them at the same time even childrens step on me. When all of them are in the house they told me just to stay there coz the men will unload all their thing and baggages. They step on me going out and getting in the house they did'nt even look at me they just step on every sngle part of me body and face after that they just leave me their covered with all of their footwear while they enjoy each others company.
jackle0925 jackle0925
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Jan 7, 2013