Adopted Child

Adopted Child
By: Me
Written on December 14th, 2012
i was the only child of my parents im 29 yrs old now back when im 10 yrs of age my parents decided to adopt a child a girl that is her name is isabel i am not that kind to my younger sister i used to fight with her always 2 yrs ago my parents died in an accident.

after they are buried the attorney read to us my parents last will and testament it is said there that all of our belongings will go to my younger sister and i will have nothing i was shock upon learning this.

after the attorney left isabel confronted me and tell me to leave the house and bring with me all of my clothes i was afraid i have no where to go to dont have a job i would be homeless out in the street no where to go i plead to isabel not to do that to me i will do anything i said.

after thinking for a while she said ok she changed her mind in one condition that i would kneel down on her front beg her not to throw me out of the house kiss her feet 20 times each feet and that i will be her slave forever having no choice i agree to her want

i am her slave now and she finds her true family and her 10 siblings each have their own family they are all living now in our house and i am their slave all of them.
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well did she use you as her toilet