~Letter From an Awkward Driver~

About two months ago, I got my first car. Well, it’s not MINE, my parents are graciously letting me use it. Anyway, I found out (from a friend) that (a different) one of my dorm-mates was becoming very annoyed with my parking choices, so I sent him the following text message:

“Hi Zack!
I got a message from Rob about my parking- and I figured it was from you- as there aren’t so many cars here. First, I just want to apologize for being such a lousy parker. I feel bad that I made you drive on the grass to get a spot- among other things. Despite my age- I’m pretty new to driving…

In fact, just today I made an absolute fool of myself trying to parallel park. I was taking forever, and there was a school bus behind me. A couple public school cops got off the bus to help me, they were peeing in their pants laughing. It was crazy… It was in front of a public school, so I had quite an audience. So- you see, I’m still learning…

Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I’ll try harder not to block both lanes of our driveway anymore. Also, if I’m doing something that bothers you, you can just speak to me if you’d like. Don’t worry- I’m pretty hard to offend! Have a good night!”

That cleared everything right up! I was glad I was able to use my embarrassing mishap to defuse the tension!
lifeisatest lifeisatest
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014