Always Have

i was what u could describe as a class clown,i found it easy to make people laugh
that was what i did,weather that was to fit in,i dont really know
but all through my life i have been like that
even when being bullied i would make a joke,guess it was easier than crying
and i didnt want to give em the satisfaction
even through my many addictions,listed here,i wud make jokes,runnin from myself i guess
even when i tried to kill myself,i was makin jokes bout it
its all an excuse for a joke
and hell takin myself to seriously i wud make all u peeps try and slit ur wrists
maybe its because you r encouraged 2make ur parents laugh or something i dont know
suppose its all another session with my therapist,as i dont feel i can talk to my family bout it,we are just not that sort of ppl
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4 Responses Mar 21, 2011

I'm the same way. I hide my feelings using humor as well. I do such a great job no one knows I'm depressed

It's a great defense mechanism, some people can't handle it when we take off the mask and be serious sometimes.

I'm glad that I clicked on it. You have talent, I can't wait to read more .....:)

ya... my family gets real uncomfortable about anything serious too.... I could tell my mum i had cancer and she wud say..... Oh. Have i told you about my new hoover Charlie?!! WTF!!<br />
Yes, of course its a learned behaviour, angry or upset doesnt get appropriate attention from our parents... So we adapt, we behave in ways which get us love, which allow us to be accepted by our parents..... anyhoo..... S'not lecture time.... Its FUNNEH time.... Right?!