I Hated Implanon!!

I just hate that i got the implanon...i have not bin able to lose the baby weight no matter what i try...and i've bin really depressed and headaches never end....read my blog if you wanna hear the hole story!

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I had my daughter in sept 2010 by C section so felt rubbish for 6 weeks anyway. I then had the implant at this point, it has taken me nearly 3 years to realise all the symptoms i have had since the birth of my daughter have been related to the implant, and not motherhood! I used to be a happy, size 12/14 pretty woman with a high sex drive. For the past 2.5 years i have felt like a fat, tired, worthless and ugly woman. i have experienced the following symptoms:
Pain and tingling in fingers
Painful and swollen ankles
Significant weight gain
Back pain
Moodiness and anger
Memory loss
Vaginal cysts, spots and pain
either no bleeding for 6 months (taken preg tests and come back negative) or
bleeding really heavily for 4-12 weeks constantly
painful and growing breasts (gone from a 34C to a 40D)
Palpitations ( i have lost breath and struggled to talk its so bad felt like having a heart attack)
Pain where implant has been placed
lack of libido (absolutely no sex drive, once every 6 months because i feel guilty not because i want to)
Short tempered.
I have seen my doctor many times in this period and been told i am just fat and should not eat carbs ( i did slimfast shakes for 3 months and put 1/2 stone on!) I have been sent to the to GUM clinic about my cysts/spots down below and made to feel like a slutty teenager having an STD. The hospital clearly discovered this was not the case and i have been referred to a consultant.
I cant believe i have put up with this for so long and not realised the connection. I have an appointment with a hospital consultant this week and will be very clear that this thing must be removed immediately!! I hope to write again in a month telling you all i am a happy, size 12/14 pretty woman with a high sex drive. xx

I see you were having issues with the Implanon, I'm sorry to hear that. Birth controls are hard on our bodies. For three years I was using the Implanon (inserted in my arm). Once the three years was up, I got it taken out and soon after got the Nexplanon (the newer verison of the Implanon). I had my anger, anixety problems when I used the Implanon. I only had 5 periods during the three years. Now, with the Nexplanon, these problems are way worse. I constantly cry, something I didn't do very often before. I can't seem to control my emotions and I feel like it's causing stress on my relationship. So far (I've had it in for about 6 months), I've been on my period WELL over half of the six months. Quite often I am thinking I am pregnant, until my period comes again. I have this amazing sense of smell, overly tired, moody, and my boobs hurt. My head is always hurting!
I am thinking about switching birth controls.
Any suggestions of what to switch to?
Any suggestions of other ways of helping with my emotions? I NEED HELP!!

My daughter killed herself because of this match stick birth control. email me if you would like to hear about class action suit. Thank You and please be very careful. If your depressio0n includes suicidal thoughts please have it removed.