Can You Get Pregnant On Implanon??!

I'm 18 and Ive been on Implanon for almost the full three years, September will make it the end of the three years. I haven't had my period the whole time nor any other problems until now. Ive been very stressed and It was two weeks ago when I last had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and this week I have been having some problems that concern me to think i'm >pregnant. I very tired and often need to sit, light headed to as though I feel I need to catch my breath, pee every 10 min, certain tastes and smells that usually don't bother me but now do such as garlic make me want to throw up , I'm nauseous all the time and gag. Also getting horrible cramps. tonight I took two digital test and got negative so idk whats wrong..
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I had nexplanon for almost 3years Oct 2015,,& haven't had any issues- accept I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago and a week later I started feeling nausea, light headed, head aches , crying and cramps on one side of my stomach like I'm pregnant. I'm really scared I do not want anymore kids. Hope the hormones still work for me..First time I had unprotected sex in a year..

I have been on implanon since January last year I have had a couple of light periods. But lately I have been feeling like throwing up but after I eat it goes away for a while then it comes back I need help working out what causes it

I have implant for three years can I have a baby on it

Hey I'm 22 iv been on the implant for a year now and I had sex on my period few weeks later now ny boobs sore n I got mood swings, dizzy all pregnancy symptoms but I'm due to start anytime but iv felt kinda like this before on the implant but I'm a panicker lol, anyone else been like this on the implant, oh and I read that the plant can fool the body to think that Ur pregnant like a fake pregnancy

Okay , im 18 nd only been on implanon for 3 months , should I be feeling like I can't catch my breath nd have my period for over a month ? Pleasee someone help me ..

i had a my inplanon for 3 year nd have had a period nd when me and my bf have sex the next 2 dat after i have a period and dont have another one until we have sex again.....And now it be 9 weeks snice we had sex but my nilpe are sore but i dont have any other pregnant sign....could i be pregnant please help me !!!!!!

In having the same issues

I have had mine for 2 years and it was ok at first but then my period started lasting for months. This time I have been on my period for 2 months and I am tired all the time and sick to my stomach. Can anybody help me

Im 17, and i have had my implanon in for almost 3 years. I was pregnant when i had it inserted but took 2 morning after pills to terminate the pregnancy. The most common symptoms implanon users have is in fact:
-weight gain
-unusual menstral cycles
-no period
-mood swings
-prolonged infertility after removal
- appitite changes
and so on. once removed it can take anywhere from 1 week to 18 months to regain your normal monthly flow.
No matter how many test you take, the result will akways ve negative even shortly after removal.
Affects may wear off on the last few months.
Implanon has all the symptoms of pregnancy. If by chance you are pregnant. you should get checked out by a doc. You may have an ectopic pregnancy, witch is some cases can be fatal and is very painful.

I've been on the Implanon since Dec 13? I believe (somewhere in that week). I did get pregnant (before) implanon and had a miscarriage (after). And bc of the very irregular bleeding since I've been on it and I have been having a period on it (non-stop), my doctor put me on another birth control pill along with the Implanon to help regulate it.

Hi guys. I was on the implanon back in 2011 had it removed cause coursing loads of problems went on the pill & fell pregnant, my baby is 15 months now. Im back on the implanon and have been since 6 weeks after giving birth. Not had any periods since being on it. I had sex the other night, unprotected. But after we had finished we noticed I has bleed, it turns out its my period. I've heard if you have sex on a period you fall pregnant but I'm on the implanon! Someone help!!!

Hey iv been on the implant for a year now, I was in on my period for two weeks but during that two weeks we had unprotected sex, I'm hopeing I'm not pregnant, was u ok after u had sex while on Period x

I've been on the implant nearly 8 years and sometime I'm regular and sometimes I'm not, Ive had all these symptoms at some point but I'm still child free, just the hormones I reckon! X

I havr it to but mine has been expired since December 1 nd I haven't took it out will since December 1 I had imperfect sex nd ik its been a month but I haven't started my period nd wen my inplant expired I startd but nt this month I am goin 3days widout my period. Nd I brrn crampin but thers Nothing showing idk wat to do an I pg nd wen can I takie s teast?

Hi You guys . Ive Been On Implanon For About A Year && I Have Had Unprotacted Sex Only 3 Times Because Of The Chances Being Available To get Pregnant. Well Last Night , We Were Having Intercourse And I Just Suddenly Had To Pee really Bad && That Has Never Happend , But When I Came Back We Noticed The Condom Was Busted .. Well , This Morning I Threw Up && Have Been Cramping Too . But I Think Its Too Early For Symptoms .But For The Pas Too Months I Have Had Weight Gain && Hardend Stomach . Im A Little Frightend , Anyone Have Any Comments?

Did you ever find out if you were pregnant? I'm kinda in a similar situation

We're you pregnant?

I wonder too.. have been on it 2 yrs.and missed period last mo.and have pg like symptoms..but I've been thru this before. And not been pregnant.. however. Never missed period..taking home test tmrw...

I have been on the implant for 14months. I got back ache took 7 pregnancy test all came bk negative carried on as usual at 2am i got a sharp in my stomach i was rushed to hospital with them thinking ma appendix had burst at 2.23am i gave birth to a baby boy weighing 8 pound 7 now i hid all the weight i felt sick moody hungry was on toilet but didnt head go.with what.u right go to ur gp x

implanon is a big issue it has to many effects that can happen to you i felt this way and went thru this to only to find out that it was the implanon its making your body think your pregnant and even realistically even feel pregnant

Im having the same my left side under my rib cage been tight and sore for 3days now. ive been on the implanon for 2yrs and 5 months now and ive got headachs cant sleep lost apetite throwing up what i do eat. and ive experence cramps but no period not sure the chances of geting pregnant this soon but i wish you the best

I took mine out cause of pregnancy syptoms and I was thinking maybe the implant causes false negatives cause of the hormones in it, but I took it out myself cause I could not afford a doctor so I've been treating myself, but after removal still feel the same, could be hormone imbalence or the implant could have just screwed up my whole reproductive system... I have a history of fibroids though so I think that's my problem, but if it's.not to deep it is possible to take it out yourself but you have to know what to expect... I watched a youtube video which helped me know what tools I needed and what to expect.

Did it hurt when u took it out yourself? I'm having horrible symptoms and they want 300$ to take it out even though I'm switching to a diff BC they suckered me into getting this saying I could get it removed if I had problems but now that its in they changed their mind!

I've been on implanon for 3 years as of Feb. 26, 2012 it was completely invalid. I talked to the doctor and told them I can't afford to get it taken out. They told me to get it taken out asap but until then I'm no longer protected and to use condoms as protection. My husband and I have been married for 8 years so we have never used protection. But for the first time in 3 1/2 years I'm getting pregnancy symtoms. I got the pinkish discharge that I'm thinking is implantation bleeding and if I'm calculating right I'm 2 days late. We talked to over and we are kind of excite to see but I already took a pregnancy test and got a negitive but I think it was just to soon.

my story seems to meet yours the most. I have been on implanon for over three years now and i cant afford to get it out my arm. My cycle started to come on reg, after the birth control became invalid. My last cycle was this oct 12 2012 and my ovalating days were between the 24-28 which is when i had unprotected sex. I spotted on the 7th of nov and took a pregnancy test on ethe 12th and 13th which both said neg. Im not sure if it was too early or if im just thinking to hard about it

Hi you guys im 20 nd i been on implanon for 2 goin on 3 years nd it been almost 2 weeks since i had unprotected sex wit my bf nd i been feelin weird. nauseous, bloated, bad stomach pains, urinating every 15 mins, nd tired all the time. can any1 tell me wat this can mean????

I have had my implanon for almost 2 years and lately I have felt nauseous and irritable and I smoke cigarettes and the last week smoking has been making me feel sick. I need advice, could I be pregnant???

so where you pregnant?

Having the same issues took 3 test last week all negative but my body sure feels off.

I've been on the implanon for about 2 weeks already and the week they put it in i had unprotected sex with my bf. Now i'm getting pregnancy symptoms like if im pregnat ive never been pregnat. is there any way i coukd be pregnat?

If it's only been two weeks, then you probably wouldn't be getting any pregnancy symptoms yet.
If you're really that worried, go to the doctors and get a blood test to find out. These are more reliable than HPTs.

P.s. I think if you can't spell "pregnat" properly, then you shouldn't even consider becoming pregnant.. :/

Sorry but how rude are you, I have 3 kids 10y 4y and 2y I can't spell and my 3 beautiful kids have never sufferd and there very bright, so don't be so quick to slate people!!!!

I've been on the implanon for over 2 years, due for a change in dec 2012 and I've usually had regular periods but I'm nearly 3 weeks late. I'm freaking out cause I'm a uni student and me and my bf do not want to get pregnant. Am I just being paranoid?

I feel the same as most of you, all the normal pregnancy signs...but all the test come back to negatives! I hate having implanon but my doctor rufuses to have it taking out. What should I do?

i would tell your doctor u want to speak with his or her supervisor!! No i would b cussing at that fool is what i would do!

I had mine put in almost three years ago, i am having pregnancy symptoms now almost a month since the last time i was sexually active before my bf left to boot camp and ive taken two test and they both came out negative... i dont know what to do and i dont know how to tell my mom... can you please help....?

Im gaining weight also and the bottom of my stomach is getting hard. My boyfriend swears up and down that I'm pregnant but just in denial. I surely will keep u updated and likewise.

I am scheduled to take get my Implanon removed August 17, 2011. My period has been irregular my whole time on this birth control. There have been months that I am on my period for weeks at a time and there are months that I miss. In May I got my period on Mother's Day and in June I got my period the week after father's day. Sadly I did not get on in July but I did have cramps and a little very light pink discharge that I thought was going to be my period this past Tuesday but that was all it was a light discharge when I wiped after I used the restroom. I was pregnant 3 yrs ago and the symptoms I have have are the same ones I had in my last pregnancy. Then again it could just be the birth control. I am going to take a test on Monday and then set up an appointment once I get the results of the hpt. Trust leeleebaby55 u are not alone.

yeah, its crazy. I have every pregnancy symptom and I still get negatives; I went to my ob and she said my implanon is empty so im trying to wrap my head around why im getting negatives and its empty and ive been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend because I thought I still had a little while on it. Ive even started gaining weight. I guess ill just have to wait and see. Ive taken the pee test and a blood test too, keep my updated thoo

thanks lol still feeling like crap, my doctor says my Implanon has been empty that a probably should go get an ultrasound.. soo idk

well congrats that your not preg! The symptoms can go away in time. Mine seem to come and go. But Im glad that you are doing good!

i had a blood test done and it come back negative sooo hopefully im good and this will just goooo away

BTW I got that all from the little booklet the doctor gave me so it's all facts.

I would go get checked out by a doctor because if you are it could be an ectopic pregnancy. Which is where the fetus is out side of the womb and can cause serious internal bleeding and even death. Not trying to scare you just trying to give you a heads up in case something is wrong so you can get it taken care of before something bad happens. BUT its most likely side effect cause fewer then 1 in 100 women per year get pregnant on it and it's just as good as sterilizations. But if you are scared your pregnant go get checked now.

Thats good. I hope everything goes well at your appointment.

Thanks for the advice, tonight I had like a brown discharge?? idk what that means, im the morning in making an appointment to see my OB

Ive read that it can give you a false negative, but on further research they were talking medication that created the false neg. Call your doctor and ask to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Im only a little over a year into mine and I have experienced the same thing as you. I was getting mine removed today, but because my arm wasnt going numb right away, my arm swelled causing them to not be able to get it out right away, so hopefully next monday mine will be removed. But like I said, talk to your doctor. Pregnancy symptoms are also common with Implanon.