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You may have to read my first story about me being allergic to my implanon to know a little of my story. Also I dont remember if i said this in my first post but my implanon was put in perfectly. Right at the surface where you can feel it.

Monday July the 25th I went in to get my implanon removed. I went in to what was suppose to be a 20 minute appointment. Well, the first 20 min. was spent trying to get my arm to go numb. When I first got it inserted they had to use 2% lidacaine (sp?) because my arm would not go numb right away. Well the same thing happened when it came to the removal. The next hour we spent trying to get it out. The tissue in my arm attached to the implanon, so she had to cut at the tissue to get it to come off. Well by the time that she had actually grabbed it, there was still some tissue attached. Then she lost her hold on the implanon and my arm instantly swelled and she could not get around the swollen tissue. This ended the appointment for the day. I was to come back in a week and see if another doctor could remove it.

August 1st I went in for my second appointment. If they could nor remove it, then it was going to be the OR who would remove it. Well The new doctor added more lidacaine (sp?) the first time so we would not have to continuously poke me adding more. Well that seemed to do the trick. My arm went numb. By this time there was the doctor, the nurse practitioner (who was the one to put it in and the first to try and take it out) another nurse me and my bf, all in a room about the size of a bathroom in a kinda small house or even a walk in closet. He sliced my arm open, even larger that the first small cut. Well to all of our surprise, it came out pretty easy. There was a big sigh of relief as i did not have to go to the OR. Its been over a day and I feel better already. While my arm still hurts and I have a large cut in my arm (still have yet to see how large it is due to the staryal (sp?) strips, which i can inform in a comment later when it comes off, my lower abdominal pain that i have had constantly since last August 7 has lessened to the point where its like im back to no pain. The first in a year. While I loved the fact that i did not have a period, im kinda glad that i am off of it. I am now going back on the patch. I dont remember having any issues with it besides it falling off due to tight pants. But I will stay with this group to help those who are on it and who are thinking about it.

Hope you had a good time reading my story. Please dont let my story scare you though.
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Eish....i want to remove my implanon so i went to the clinic where they inserted it to me and now they refuse to take it out and i want to remove it because me and my husband we want a second born,so can i take it out,by self at home????

Definitely not. You need to go to a planned parenthood at least

Ive been on implanon for at least 1 year and 1/2 because of not having any choice, my mom basically made me, which was understandable, but at the same time my experience due to the implanon was disaterous for me and over the past year 1/2. I already had a mild case of headaches that i have to deal with and being on implanon made that hell for me, second i put on at the most 30 to 40lbs. and let me state that during this ive was involed in a healthy lifestyle with a daily excercise routine and it seemed as if over the past 6 to 7 months of me going to the gym all i did was get bigger the most weight i could lose was exactly 4lbs. And guess what happenend with those 4 lbs. YEP! i gained that right back plus more and with me already being considered over weight was a huge deal to me and very frustrating. Along with that i fell into a deep depression, and im talking the depression of sitting in the dark by myself for hours crying and it seemed as if every little thing ticked me off, i would get so mad that i would begin thinking about hurting myself and at that time i knew i had to get the birth control implant out of me because it is not worth my life being a living hell and of course im old enough now to make the decision without my mom being involved. and i thank my fiance for sticking around and being here for me during that time, because i was a totally different person and i needed help. so yes i did what very few people would have done and what many of you would refer to as dangerous i removed implanon my self... why?? because i had to get it out of me i could not stand one other day of going through hell because of it. And financially we couldnt afford it at the time, so i talked to my fiance about it and he was really shocked by me telling him about what id plan to do and with his help that afternoon i got that crap out of my arm with no professional training just a razor alot of ice cubes some towels and patience and to be honset it was not a 20 min. process i think it was pretty much about 45 min. to an hour but we got it safely removed without any problems but better believe that will be my last time experiencing that!!

I had my implanon inserted in nov 2011 two months after my son was born my pregnancy medicade covered it free. I never had trouble out of mine except weight gain but around june 2012 my husbandand I decided we wanted to try again for angirl im almost 30 and want to go ahead and try. I called the doc and it was almost $300.00 to have it removed and thats at the health department. I dont think it was put in deep enough cause i could move it around and squeeze it so my sister in law and I sat down one evening got a new sterile stright razor made a small cut and not deep at all barely any blood andtook a pair of fingernail clippers to grab it and have a good grip and pulled it right out. There was hardly any pain and no infection followed. Its now 1/17/2013 and ive been having several pregnancy symptoms so i plan to take a pregnancy test in the morning if its positive itll be exactly 3 yrs to the day that i found out I was preggo with my son im super anxious... I just hope that if i am the doc doest give me too much hell for self removal

I've had the Implanon for almost 2 years now. I am having the same issue as iminloveiwthmyboys, my boobs randomly got bigger (I haven't grown in at least 3 years), I finally started getting my weight off, my sex drive is finally slowly coming back, and I pee CONSTANTLY. I didn't really think anything of it, since my experience with the Pill was worse, Now I know I'm not alone in this situation. I don't have insurance, but you don't think that its any bother do you? I will make an appointment if its bad.. Last thing I need, and I hope getting it taken out in a year wont be to bad. I am terrified and I wishe your experience was so much better than it was.

I have a question iv had the implanon for almost 2 years and iv had no problem with it (besides the arm its in champs sometimes) but the last like 2 months (the first month iv just thought it was all in my head till i started having to pee every 15min and my feonca said something to me bout it) iv been having alot of pg sym. like frequint urination mood swings bloating my boobs have gotten bigger and my stumic! i feel like i did when i was pg with my son! i took a hpt a week ago and it was neg. iv doen alot of research and havent found anything useful beside that over 580 women in eurep have gotten pg on implanon witch isnt evry easing i just need help iv been going nutz the last month thinkin bout it

It is most likely that the HPT is correct. But it is common for women to get pregnancy like symptoms. In Europe the reason that those women got pregnant (If I remember correctly) was because of a defect in the implanon. The defect has since been fixed. So put your mind at rest. Im not sure why your symptoms have shown up later in your use of implanon, but if you are really worried, talk to your doctor. They can test you, and even do a blood test. It still is good to check every month, but im placing my money on the fact that it is mostly just the symptoms of Implanon. As for the frequent urination, bring that up to your doctor as it might be a UTI.

Good luck and let us know what happens!

I had my implanon removed yesterday, it took five minutes and was painless besides the shot to numb me!

You are pretty lucky!

so the wound is not that big. Its a little bigger then when they tried to remove it the first time because of the healing tissue. I would say its about as long as the tip of your typical tweezers.

I got it in april 2010. <br />
I just had a difficult body, so i blame that lol. It is different for every person, so be aware of that. Its also easer for your original doctor or nurse to to remove it. I didnt have such luck, but she did all the hard work.