2 Years With The Implanon

Well, i thought everything was fine with the Implant, i've had it 2 years in October. The main reason why i feel it needs to come out now, is because for the last 6 months, i've felt ever so depressed, i don't hardly talk to my boyfriend and when i do i cry. I feel down most days, i should be happy and content with what i've got, a man who loves me, family around me, loads of friends, a job a car, fortunate to have holidays, (the only down side for the next few months i'll be paying out a lot of debt, but ain't most of us). But i am not satisfied with my life. I should be living life at 28 before i have my first child. I never gained weight with the implant, in fact, i've lost, but that's due to exercise and change of diet. Of course, the implant will react differently with everyone. I have come to the conclusion after reading so many stories on forums and implant sites about women of all ages getting mood swings and depression, that it has to be the implant, surely i've not turned depressed for no reason. I'm not manic depressed where i don't feel like going out, or never turn up for work. I haven't closed myself off from the world, but i'm closing myself off to my loved ones and myself. Some days i'm ok, but today i looked in the mirror whilst i was driving and thought god what a miserable b***h i looked. So i've called the Drs to have it taken out. I will leave it a few weeks and will update on how i am and to see if it is the implant. If not then i've got issues lol. I had a small stretch of time very recently in bleeding most days, it wasn't heavy, lasted about 3 weeks. But after 2 years, think that's pretty good. But i do feel like an alien not having a period. Pretty scared actually having my first one back nearly 2 years on. Good luck to you all x
lis84 lis84
Nov 26, 2012