Doctors Need To Keep Up With Testing Bc

I went to the hospital last night and I'm not pregnant. I have a Kidney Infection. But Something the Doctor said last night made me think. Do doctors keep up with Testing Birth Controls because I know that It is possible to get Pregnant on this Implanon thing. And half the Doctors there hadn't even heard of it. He came in and said your not going to be Pregnant with the insert. I am starting to think They didn't even test my urine for it. But ran other tests.

I was there for Three Hours And they openly Discussed my symptoms LOUDLY in the hall. They then proceeded to have me take a pregnancy test and they took my blood. The Doctor also asked the normal question about what other medication I am on besides the Insert and I had been put on Vyvance earlier that day. He asked me three times when I was directed to take the pill and I wasn't told a certain time just that I was to take it. I had a rather emotional day and was trying hard not to cry.

Has anyone else been having problems with thinking their Doctors aren't Doing the right tests when they go.
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I hate doctors!

thats why they call it doctors practicing medicine,,,,they practice medicine on you ,always good to get a second opinion or find a doctor who is done practicing medicine and knows his stuff