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I sometimes unintentionally give people a different impression of my true self

Manipulatin lingo, 'has' a man, it's all just words and a lot of people gets so wrapped up in strange detail that it detracts from their message and its meaning... oh, right.. they don't really have anything interesting to say. This is best-case scenario.

Then you get the effortless grammaticals. Oh boy they're just magic. They can string a profound thought together flawlessly. I don't have this gift. But I do have the gift of playfully using grammar, I have a SPELLING fetish (grammar is different, an interesting challenge for me - English being a rather comfortable second language).

I'm often misunderstood for using wrong grammar when I'm trying to play with words. Such a pity, I overestimate people's creativity, imagination and intelligence... and then they probably underestimate mine, lol!

It's all really good though. The growth from the lessons & experiences. Great!
JHPK JHPK 31-35, M 1 Response Sep 30, 2011

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