The Negative And Postive Of Using Iphone

i started using iphone to browse for my experience project accout was when my laptop got broken. but since i got a new laptop, i've been using the both of them and seen the positive and negative side of using iphone for EP.

for the positive side:

*i can easily write whatever's on my mind, i dont have to set up my laptop and eventually lost the thought of my supposedly "story".
*i can open it anywhere and check for updates or messages and comments anytime :)

but on the other hand, i also found some negative on it.

*whenever i have to leave that page for awhile, it automatically logs me out so i need to log in again. and it happens over and over again
*also, you wont get notified when someone's sending you a message not unless you'll refresh it or press the profile button and that's the time it'll show up.

but all in all, it's still cool coz i get to open my EP everywhere, anytime i want and anytime i needed!
iammighty iammighty
22-25, M
Nov 16, 2012