Nothing Else Works !!

It's been quite a few years I have been suffering from depression......I feel blue all of a sudden......out of no where.I agree that my life is not perfect but most people's lives are not.Each person who has a reason to feel depressed about is not depressed......but I am.
I was under medication ...had several unsuccessful sessions with the psychiatrist and counselor but nothing worked for me.On top of that I was sleepy through out the day and started gaining weight.It was hell.
Then I fell in love in midst of all these........and voila I was happy and cheerful,life seemed beautiful again,I stopped turning to food for comfort anymoreThe best part was I started to look forward to life again............I was smiling again after years.
I asked myself what was the reason behind my sudden happiness,and the only answer that I got was LOVE!!!!!! That's simple solution to all my blues.Yes,since then I have been deliberately being in relationships just to keep my depression at bay.I feel alive when I am in love.
Love & romance: these two things are the only solution to my long lost my otherwise crazy life.
Wish my psychiatrist prescribed me these "magic pills"...years
Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

yeah...probably the best one.