To Quit Or Not To Quit That Is The Question

Ok, so I just found out I have bpd, I was told it was bipolar for my whole life. I have since I was younger than I would like to share smoked weed. It has helped me with MANY things along the way. Now as an adult I use it to help controle my mood swings as it is fast and always very effective. The dr's have taken away the xanax so it is literally my only calm down method. I am being told for the dbt therapy I have to be clean from alcohol and weed. I dont drink at all anymore because it seems 8 out of 10 times I black out and am a danger to others and myself. but I dont want to quit weed, when I do the bpd sympyoms get way worse. I am told pot makes it worse... so I am going to try quitting for a month and see how it goes.... if the bad days still out way the good ina month I am pretty sure Iwill pick it back up again.... the hard part is tho I really dont want to quit but because of the black outs I must complete an aa program and am not allowed to smoke pot. I am scared but I will keep posting how it is going for any thaat are curious lol.
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I've heard stories before of how pot has helped people control their BPD - I guess there's something to it. Or - they just like getting high and are trying to rationalize it? Who knows - I had to quit smoking pot many years ago because the stuff was making me so paranoid I couldn't stand it. But I don't have BPD, and the pot was making me crazy. Whenever I hear someone has BPD, I just think therapy. I know traditional therapy is expensive, but so is pot. At today's prices, you could afford some therapy instead of all that pot you're smoking. There are many therapists who charge on a sliding scale. There are even counseling centers who will see you for free, unfortunately they may not be prepared to deal with (Or even recofnize) BPD.<br />
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I wish you well.