And I Love It.

I use marijuana for almost 6 years now, for me it really helps with my BPD.

It relaxes me and makes me feel happier by forgetting all the bad things for a while. After I smoke marijuana i feel like I just live in the moment itself .

I live in Amsterdam, so its not hard for me to get marijuana.
Today are the elections for our new cabinet, thereby comes the change that, if a particular political party wins, we get a so called "marijuanapas" which means that you have to register before u can buy and the shopowners can see everything u bought for the last six months (This pas is only available for people registered in Holland, to keep the tourists away from the coffeeshops) In worst case, but also with a chance, all coffeeshops have to close.

I disagree about the marijuanapas, because I dont want to be registered. And if all the coffeeshops really have to close their doors, there's no other place than a streetcornerdealer where I can get it.

I think a lot of people dont really know what it does or how it feels, because they never tried and just assume that people who said it is so wrong and harmful, are right.

I smoke marijuana and I love it.
eex813 eex813
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012