Smoking Instead Of Popping

Well it's nice to find 18 people that also chose Marijuana, over a normal mood stabilizers and antidepressants associated with Bpd. I was diagnosed with major depression at 13, bipolar type 2 or bipolar depression at 20, and at 21 bipolar depressions with Borderline Personality Disorder. I went through several mood stabilizers each one leaving me unable to function, spending 16-20 hours in bed each day. On the days I skipped them so that I’d be able to get something done, I'd find myself irritable and just plain angry. I'd smoked pot prior to using it medically, and I've heard sequel be refer to as weed in a pill, so I decided why not try to use it in replacement of the mood stabilizer and I found it worked 100 times better than any of the pills I'd been on. I find it works best when I continue to take my antidepressant. Yes I can be lazy, at times, but I can still do things instead of lying in bed all day. My sleep schedule is on a normal 8-9hr scale, I can eat, and I'm even going to school online for medical billing. The only drawback comes from it being illegal for prescription where I live, and it not always being accessible leaving me irritable, to a slightly less degree then missing a dose of a mood stabilizer.
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I recently have found its the thing that helps me most. I've been on almost every med imaginable and currently aren't on anything. It sure helps me to smoke. My anxiety is okay for days and I really can sleep.

i feel you! its illegal where i am too, and my days are better when i smoke..however, not always being able to have it on hand is alittle frustrating, but i dont flip the **** out like i would if i were on regular anti-psychotics and had to not take them for a bit. weed is a healer and hopefully the law will be passed soon so "we" can get our rightful medicine!!

Hmm. Well ordinarily I would say that the use of a chemical to equilibrate yourself instead of just taking control is a bad idea. But if your condition is both uncontrollable and debilitating, and you are using the chemical willingly with the explicit purpose of correcting a problem, I don't think it's a terrible idea. Whatever works, and it's better for you than alcohol.