I Miss You......................

I have missed smoking bud for over a week. I am living with my daughter and grandson who is 11. I don't dare expose him to this drug or any drug. I must be addictive as I am pretty low when I'm away from it long. I use it for creative thinking as it seems I really don't feel a creative bone without the bud . I m feel like just a bump on the log without the bud I don't think much without it  and whats the purpose for living if not to think? .  
sofican sofican
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Thanks, yourvery knowledgable about this I can tell.

See if you can find a cycle that allows medicative need satisfaction, but allows you to be ok during time away. I was everyday user, broke it off for a time to break the cycle, now use when medically needed, but all is well when I don't.