Addicted To Feeling Good

I am addicted to the bud and there is no doubt about it. Now wheather it is the bud or the feeling good I don't know , No I'm sure it's both. It's funny but I hear pppl do drugs to escape from their issues but if that's my one issue that I address with the bud is my feeling okay The depression isn't what it once was because I don't suffer the dark night of the soul depression anymore. I have been on a medication combination that works to a great extent for several years now but there is always that underlying  unhappiness haunting me at all times. I can't compare my moods to anyone else of course however I do assume that my underlying unhappiness is just not normal just not going to fly , why after finding the bud which relieves my mild depression would I ever want to quit it because it's criminal  I will   never feel like a criminal , what's criminal about needing to feel okay. The difference for me while smokng is like night and day. It may not be my best day when I arise but it only takes a tote, to feel like a song.     
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Thanks Johnny for your comment, I'm so glad you are my friend, I like you.