The Story Of The Bi-polar Teen

hi my name is ryan and this is my story, it all started back in pre-school where i was different, very very different..... i couldnt make friends no matter how hard i tried, but then when i reach kindergarden my dad lost half of his leg and he developed depression and wanted nothing to do with my family, so esentially i lost my dad when i was 4 even though he was here to 2011 when he died of lucimia... anyway every year was the same no friends and no communication with the outside world, upon entering freshmen year i turned to something that really made life worth living, POT! I now smoke everyday to help balance my bi-polar and ease the depression part of it... now my way of life is in the hands of the goverment because my family is in sever poverty and im running out of ways to earn cash to help pay for my pot, now i fear for the worse because without marijuana i might end up commiting suicide because i hate life so much.......
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I feel your pain. I'm 21 living in Utah and on probation for possession of mj sucks cuz for me being bi polar its the only medicine that works. I don't know your whole story so bare with me but if school is not an option for you I would get a good paying job. Not like McDonald's lol but construction all you need is a high school diploma or equivalent. Also trucking they are hiring all the time. Pilot driving pays out the *** an all you have to do is drive in front or behind the oversized loads an make sure everything goes smoothly. Another one I flagging I beleive it called you just stand there with the stop or slow signs that pay good as well. Good luck with your struggle but it's good to know you found something that works. Keep your head up even for ppl with bi polar life is what we make it and mj even though it helps it can't force us to make proactive decisions. You got to do that on your own. Peace love and happiness to you

Oh Ryan..........…

its not an addiction its a way of life and the hamock i lay upon on the hardest of days