Sure That's Why I Smoke It...

sure that's why I smoke it - bi polar - yeah. sure. whatever dude!!
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2 Responses May 11, 2007

i totally agree! my hubby does the same. I was really only giving you **** for comedic effect. (sorry). It is truely medicinal and Very helpful for nausea.<br />
However, I think legalization would work. I think yes - there would be some who grow it themselves but i think most would buy it at the convience stores and stuff cause of laziness. Just my thoughts.

i'm not saying i haven't developed an addiction to it (psychological and physical) but, i don't smoke to get high, most of the times. most of the time, it honestly helps stabilize my mood....WAY better than lithium or depakote or seraquel or any of the other man-made bullcrap they write me prescriptions for...well, they USED to write me prescriptions. i even told my psychiatrist i wanted her to start considering weed as a part of my treatment and NOT something i had to "stop doing." all the other meds they prescribe are meds you wind up having to stay on for the rest of your life. the only difference between the weed and the pills is that we can grow weed ourselves and it would be too difficult for anyone to control/make money off of.