I Though Mary Jane Caused Bipo...

I though Mary Jane caused Bipolar Symptoms !! ...hmm seems I was misinformed... I need to do some intense research I think.
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well MJ is still fine and bothing further to add

me too sofican. we can dream...

ha. i was born bi polar. mj makes things make sense. and it's manageable too. just thought i'd throw that in there. how's the research going so far?


If mary jane caused anything it is Spirit. It gives you what you need to feel better.<br />
There are some good books on medical marijuana and also many good sites.<br />
A video called run for the cure is good.

I'm afraid the chicken and the egg are both happier with it and the suffering is so intense to the person who suffers that marajuna is a life savior to us. I didn't smoke for over a week and my daughter said she saw the old Bi Polor's head come out in my face and she could tell I was happier smoking . Her and my Doctor both said it was good for me and it's been 180 degree turnaround with my state of happiness, I am thankful for it and feel everyone who suffers Bi Polor should be able to make their own decision about marajuana. I am eager to stand behind anyone who is marching for this cause. I'm available for the most important issues like the Legalization of Marajuana so let me know what I can do anyone .

wish i could answer that ;) But i know what you mean

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?