Marajuana Helps Stabilize My Moods....

It's true.  It works better than any other med I've been on.  Now that I've been totally med-free for about six months (first time in five years), I can see the benefits of the weed a lot better.  I've been arguing with my psychiatrist for about two years now.  She keeps telling me I need to "get off the marajuana;" always trying to tell me how bad it is for me.  But, she has the NERVE to write a PRESCRIPTION for legal drugs, such as Lithium (which, while I was on THAT, I had to have my blood drawn every month because the lithium can BECOME TOXIC if your levels get too high.  Also, if I would've stayed on it, my liver would've been killed by the time I was 60) or Lamyctal (which can cause a LIFE-THREATENING rash, which MAY OR MAY not go away upon discontinued use) or Seraquel (which, I believe was a major contributor to why I overdosed.)  On my last appointment, she said it again, "You need to get off the marajuana."  My response to her:  "See. I wish you would talk to me for more than 15 minutes a month because I'd like you to start considering the marajuana as part of my treatment."  She just shut up.

But, the weed helps me stay in touch with myself...with everything I believe in.  It helps with anxiety and I can NEVER go to sleep without matter what.  Hell, even when I smoke, sometimes, I can't go to sleep.

I don't know that I would reccommend it to everyone to treat bipolar disorder but, it works for me.  There has been limited clinical research to prove it.  I've done a little research of my own and have found that I'm not alone.  Others use it for the same reason and have achieved pleasing results.

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Thanks for your response! All my psychiatrists have told me that the MJ will just make things worse, but it is the only thing that has consistently helped me without all the terrible side effects and trial and error of pharmaceuticals!
I wish more research would be done so that medical professionals could take the path toward acceptance!

Thank you for sharing everyone .... now I know I'm not alone !

I read a discussion thread with general agreement for indicas for mania and sativas for the depressive side of bipolar. Me running into weed has been very seldom in recent decades.

Hi fellow bipolar people, luv u. This is johnnydouglas and I have had bipolar over 25 years and have been treating my bipolar with marijuana for about 6 years now. It is the best medicine if you use the right weed. Sativa and indica are the two types of weed. People have been making hybrids of the two, which can be ok for bipolar but not the best. Sativa is the crap I smoked in high school, it is giggle smoke, and it can cause people to reflect on every ******* comment made to you and keeps you paranoid if it is strong. I never had a problem with sativa and paranoia until I smoked some very strong sativa--strawberry kush the guy said the seeds were called and it is sativa mostly--diesel but stronger on average. Now INDICA helps me sleep and takes away hypervigalence and every other symptom and puts a smile on my face and my mind focusing on what counts. I have a grow card now and just started growing some pure Afghan indica that is very pleasant. I will grow my own now. In 6 years I only got good indica and one bad experience now with sativa. FOr me sativa is a problem and ****** high with rehashing conversations mentally and paranoia, ILL STICK TO AFGHAN INDICA TY. luv u j ohnnydoughas

sour desal works so good

I am not here to say pot will work for everyone. most would most likely fair worse as with all bi polor meds. some help some and the same hurts another. we are not the same just simular symptoms. so many other factors involved. for me this is no joke. its my life. once i did 12 years prision, 7 fellonys,13 totaled cars, cant count suiside attemts to many. some very serious. I hurt alot of people and me too. no one here telling me when you get out this time we will try a new drug. maybe you wont go nuts on it. nop, just the man tellen me the price. today i own a home, married, two children, my lab, cat, and rabbit. only problems i can really see no is the dog thing it humain and the rabbit keeps humping my cat. hope there aint a law against that. lol

My sister believes that she is being helped by marijuana but her family disagrees. We can't talk to her when she uses. She is irrational, angry, loud, paranoid, aggressive and vulgar. She doesn't see it at all. On her medication she is her old self, loving and a joy to be around. She frequently goes off the medication and smokes her weed because she prefers it; and we are filled with dread on those days. I wonder what the other families of those people that are medicating with weed have to say.

Just fyi, lithium is not a drug, its is a naturally ocurring brain chemical, that if supplemented controls mania symptoms. Lamotrigine, gave my hubby the rash and dr took him off of it. His psychologist has said he can use marijuana, he practices what they call integrative psychiatry, which is a more natural approach and less drugs. Meditation, yoga, things like that too. Just like anything else, different docs, different opinions.

Just fyi, lithium is not a drug, its is a naturally ocurring brain chemical, that if supplemented controls mania symptoms. Lamotrigine, gave my hubby the rash and dr took him off of it. His psychologist has said he can use marijuana, he practices what they call integrative psychiatry, which is a more natural approach and less drugs. Meditation, yoga, things like that too. Just like anything else, different docs, different opinions.

ive been diagnosed with ADD, bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder, and depression&anxiety. been a head case my whole life, psychaitrist appointments since i was like 5. therapists plenty. doctors literally giving up on me as their patient. i am 19 years old and smoke marijuana as well, and everyday too. NOTHING calms my mind down, lessens my anxiety, or lifts depression like good old mary jane. ive also been on lithium ( and had those stupid blood tests all the while) and if ****** with me sooo hard. it was the worst one theyve everrrrr put me on. also been on seroquel and lamictal in the past. and i totalllly can RELATE AND AGREEEE!!! ahhh its like im reading my own thoughts in ur blog lol add me on here if you wanna talk more or nething, if not its cool, not a creeper anyway ahha :P

I agree that Lithium is deadly and should be replace with mary .as booklover said u gotta be a criminal to keep from acting like a criminal when u not on the mary. Its by far way better than Lithium could ever be, but, the downside is leaving it alone. Oh snap! Go get the meds! Get out the house!

I take it as one of my meds and I ran out this week and very irritable. My family sees the difference and so can I.

Presc<x>ription drugs can also be pretty harmful, you're right. Though the rash deal with Lamictal is EXTREMELY rare. I'm on both Lamictal and Seroquel currently. They've been helpful for me, moreso than weed.<br />
<br />
My psychiatrist doesn't like that I smoke either, but he doesn't seem to think it's a very big deal. I've found it gives me relief and doesn't impede with my life in any way. It's not enough on its own to treat my BD, however.

what are the side effects to those O&gt;F&gt;A&gt;F&gt;

With Lamictal and Seroquel? I'll start off saying that with any sort of medication, there's probably going to be a long list of side effects. But the probability of each side effect happening is generally low. That being said, there's a long list, including stuff like weight gain, drowsiness, dry mouth, etc. I don't think I've experienced many though.

allow me i am a 46 yr old male that battles with depression and anxity for some time now and am on meds. for it over the last few mts. i have found that smoking pot has helped alot ! Sometimes when i feel as if i can't get a grip(so to speak) and when this happens it's not a good thing i have found that smoking and the time it takes to smoke will help keep me grounded .My doctor wants to up my meds. but i am unsure about doing this,and as it goes when i told my doctor about this he is totally not on the same page as me ! His input was that this is not the answer and that i may be doing more harm than good . Hes told me i need to stop and we can work with diffrent meds to see what works so this is were i am at now. i wish i had the answers!

you already have the answer my friend

wow i'd have to agree with most of the comments and i certainly think it has to be better than the presc<x>ription drugs you mentioned. I'm wondering if i have bi polar and during one of our talks my spouse told me i should smoke. the trouble is i use to and i gave up because it made me lazy. so toss up chilled and lazy or 'crazy' and focused (maybe)? i don't know what to do and i don't have an unbiased person to give me sound advice.

When I couldn't eat and weighed 38 kg Marijuana saved my life.It encouraged me to eat again.There are many herbs that can help such as scullcap.

right on, Pebbles!

I use marijuana for my biploar, and though I go in and even fill the presc<x>riptions for the drugs they want me to take, I don't take them. I think I'm more stable now, and as the person who wrote the story said, "I can't sleep without it!" I also use it to treat the symptoms of my PTSD, and for me, it takes away most of the nightmares that cause my insomnia. Screw taking psych meds.

the worst thing about marijuana is that possessing it and smoking it make one a criminal in the eyes of the law and also the blanket judgement of non smokers. . It's the secrecy and fear of discovery and what you have to do to get it that are wrong and make it such an isolating thing. I HATE presc<x>ription drugs and doctors have been trying to get me onto anti depressants for years but I refuse to take them. as long as I can smoke a j a day, I don't have any problem with the world but at the same time, when I look back on my life and the way it has gone, I wonder how much that j a day has had to do with all the failure when trying to make it in "the real world". It's a tricky one.

I really don't see how used properly marijuana can be any more harmful than psychiatric drugs. The only difference is that psychiatric drugs are monitored. How many recent celebrity deaths from accidental psychiatric drug overdoses have been on the media lately? <br />
<br />
As far as I'm concerned pharmaceutical companies want us to be on drugs and many of the doctors are in bed with them. It's all about profit. <br />
<br />
Don't get me wrong. I believe that there are times where it is necessary but for the most part it's far over-prescribed.

I go to a pain management Dr who tells me marajuana is the best pain reliever I could use. I also use it to help with depression as I have Bi Polor as well . I'm 65 and I don't hesitate to use it and I listen to my own body and mind about it. I will continue to smoke it and that's that. Good for you!

you go!!!!

it is possible to extract the THC and make it into a oil base mixture. This is how one man in europe doeses out the herb. It can be accurately measured and added to anything.

If that is what you think is best for you.. then so be it.... no body can really say what is good or bad to you anyway, (usually these people who thinks they now something always ended up with nothing, who knows they might be just saying what is right out of ethics but deep inside they know you have a point). the consoling part is... you know what can help you and you are helping your self, besides at the end of the day it is you - Your own self-that you have to deal with alone.

yes!, YES!, YES!!!, YES!!, YES!!!

It is not adivisible to use marijuna without consulting Doc<br />
It may lead to sideeffects and in long run it may affect good things caused by proper medication in the past.

You raise some very good points as to the danger of using prescribed medication. I wish the law-makers would get smart about weed, integrate its use in more areas...and find some safer ways of taking it, take away the burning carbon and there isn't much there to harm you. <br />
I wonder if those steaming machines work.