My Brain Is Dependent

I've noticed that if for some reason I don't smoke weed for a day or two, I turn into a moody *****. I get depressed over small things, cry, scream, and turn into a sarcastic little smart ***. Then I'll smoke a blunt and I'm my regular cool self again. What a shame.
BKHoneyBunz BKHoneyBunz
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I have battled bipolar disorder for at least 15 years and have smoked weed on and off (mostly on) for 13 years. I will say that I used to feel that way too when I would quit smoking. It is likely that is withdrawal from the weed. In fact ask anyone (bipolar or not) how they feel when they try to quit smoking and they will tell you they feel the same way. Not to discourage your smoking; hey, if it works for you that's great, but I just wanted to share with you that once I come off the weed for about a week or two, those nasty little mood swings tend to go away. Food for thought. :)

Well, I used to think that way but I try not to be ashamed of it anymore. I think of it as my medicine. I'm more comfortable with the idea that it helps me funtion rather than that I'm just getting high.