Yeah, I Do.

I live with the symptoms of bipolar and have never been diagnosed. I smoke weed regularly. And it does give me a more 'balanced' feel i guess. Mellowness is just what i need. I like being able to completely relax. I call myself my own worst enemy, and it becomes exhausting just dealing with my own head sometimes. It calms the frustration of the torture going on in my head. I feel free and happy but under control at the same time, which is a rarity.
But, i do know that marijuana is especially bad for those suffering symptoms of behavioural and personality disorders.
Right now it's not really a worry for me. But i'm aware. And at the moment i'm happy with that.

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You can not base it being bad on a disorder itself. Everyone has different physiology, so, given that, it works for some, and others it does not. I have many disorders from personality to rage, to anxiety. All the pills in the world made me worse. I smoke a lil doobie, all good. Like Isaid though, it does not work for everyone. You should also know the marijuana you use, I get mine from a dis[ensary, and I know the thc% as well as how it was grown, the common effects it is used for, and how long the effects last as well. i can not smoke a very heavy cerebral smoke, It weirds me out a lil, but, some indica does it everytime like clock work! I know my body,my mind, and how to manage it properly.

It can actually cause psychosis in some cases. It is useful but I agree it doesn't need to be a daily thing. For me it was always a way to escape reality when I really needed to be facing my issues. Be careful that it doesn't become that for you. We all deserve to have better lives

I never knew that smoking was bad for people suffering with a personality disorder. I have never been diagnosed with any mental disorder, although I'm most positive I have quite a few. Why, do you know why it's not best for people with personality disorders to smoke?<br />
This is all very interesting to me. I have been trying to figure out for years, why weed has such bad effects for me when I have smoked it. It has been very,very,very did I say VERY scary when I smoke....but I try to hide that I'm tripping out in front of friends.....but it'ds kind of hard not to tell.<br />
<br />
I get really paranoid, like my friends are talking and plotting against me...and I'll be sitting right in front of them....their lips won't be moving or anything but I still thingk that I'm reading their thoughts and they are saying bad things about me. I also hear subliminal voices, I don't know where they are coming's really bad if I'm listening to rap music...while getting high....ummmm yeah so not a good experience for me. I know it does wonders for some.....but maybe I have a disorder that prevents me from enjoying it. Very interesting.

I definitely agree that weed is a massive contributer to personality disorders. I've been smoking regularly for the past 5 years. I'm unsure but feel i may suffer from bipolar, and i also study psychology, so it all really interests me. And all that combined i can definitely see how it happens. I find it really scary, to be honest. Personality disorders are so horrible to deal with and so hard for others to understand. It can make you feel really alienated at times and is quite sad, i think. I guess long-term i don't want my smoking to have really detrimental effect on my mental health, but for now i'm gonna continue smoking because it's giving me the temporary relief i need right now.

I know a few people that say it "levels them out " but like you said its not good for people with any kind of personality disorders. I smoked daily for about the last ten years and i beleive it has helped contribute to my depersonalization disorder, even when you read about it it says marijuana is a contributing factor. Im not like anti weed by all means but sometimes it just shouldnt be smoked daily