I Use Marijuana.

i was in and out of institutions as soon as i left school for about two years. i did alot of things i shouldnt do and i couldnt stop, i was a mess of a person. i was thrown heaps of meds that did zilch, lithium, epilum, zanex, neulactyl, a billion diff anti depressants. i had electro convulsive therapy. i was in locked wards with people who were basically insane. i mite have been manic/a touch psychotic , but these people would kill you without a second thought.  it all did nothing and i got worse and worse. i was basically told "we dont know what else to try", and so they tried anything. im sure that if there was a paper released stating that **** was the cure for bipolar episodes theyd have had me eating it three times a day.

i never smoked much marijuana, a little in highschool, but nothing before age 16. while i was going up and down and up and down i wasnt smoking regularly at all, maybe once every two months, socially. i now smoke 3 joints a day and; i have a job, i am on no meds, i have no expensive psych bills, and ive stopped doing damage to myself. i sleep now! its amazing. i can function. i can focus and im stable and balanced. if i dont have it then i usually slide slowly into a manic phase and then a huge crash.

it works for me better than anything but i know it wouldnt work for everyone. everyones different , especially in that sense.

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It works great! I had my foot ripped off in '98. I had a doctor ask me if I had done any drugs that day. I told him I smoked a bowl and he said "Of What!?" I told him pot and he smiled, waved his hand and said "Pot never hurt anybody." "In fact it may help you deal with the pain after we get you fixed up."<br />
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So I continued to smoke it. They said I would have problems walking, that I would have a bad limp. I do not. They said I would never do Martial Arts again. I went on to win a state championship.<br />
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It has helped me in so many ways.

I thank God I have a cool Dr who smokes himself most likely and tells me to smoke it to eleviate the pain I have. It works too.

gosh! i'm SO grateful to hear your story! i mean, aside from the fact that you survived everything you did (that's pretty darn inspiring!!) but, it's nice for me to know that marajuana was, in fact, the ONLY thing that helped you. think of what mightta happened to you if you hadn't discovered it!!! you're right: they probably wouldda told you to eat crap before they wouldda told you to smoke a joint!!<br />
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thanks for sharing.