Food For The Soul

 Our body is made from the clay and sands of this earth. So we feed it from the fruits and provisions of this earth. But our souls are from Allah. Therefore we feed it by connecting it to Allah.
A lot of people right now are living partial lives because they are feeding their bodies but neglecting their souls.
Some people try to fulfill and satisfy their souls by music, drugs and other activities. But your soul is still starving because these things cannot fulfill your soul.
You will probably understand this better by this example. Suppose you like to eat mangoes and dislike eating guavas. But suppose you were stranded on an island that only had guava trees. What then? Wouldn’t you eat guavas to survive regardless of how much you disliked it?
Similarly your soul desires to connect to Allah but because you have given it no option but drugs or music it now survives through it. But it can never be fulfilled.
This is a very deep subject and needs to be looked at with intellect and understanding. 
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13-15, F
Jul 20, 2010