Personal Experience

I'd been taught music long-long time ago (wow, almost twenty years ago!) and played both the piano and the guitar. Well, long enough to forget almost everything. Just some remnants still remain.
I prefer to have a rest listening to classics (Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Balakirev) or, at least, good jazz/blues (Gershwin, Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald, Brian Ferry, Charlie Parker, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, esp. his Autumn in Seattle)... Though, jazz does not mean any author -- jazz is the performer, playing the strings of heart...
It's great to listen to Nino Rota's masterpieces, Aznavour, Armik, Russian classical romances...
So the greatest advantage of my current vacation is the time to listen to the music. This makes me rest.
For some years I'd been involved in counseling. Significant research concerning the role of music in the therapy of psychotic disorders showed responses just from musicians, negative as a rule. But some (significant sometimes) positive effect was for the victims of sexual harrassment, rape, ******. Music helped them to cope with fear and severe anxiety, loneliness, reducing the frequency of nightmares. And quite often music -- classical, as a rule -- was advised together with meditation, painting and sports. Music does not heal the body directly, but it affects through the purification, cure and recovery of the soul.
SergtoUn SergtoUn
Sep 2, 2011