It Just Does.

I listen to music most of the time, not because I'm experiencing problems or whatever negative things are going against me in life, But because it just gives my soul a beat to go by, or for me to think clearly. I've lost about 100 pairs of headphones, my soul eats them for breakfast.
fuqlife fuqlife 22-25, M 3 Responses May 6, 2012

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I CAN DIG IT !!!!!!


I totally agree! 100% Music is good for the soul :)

good for the soul and good for the ears :)

ooh yea! especially when its up loud xD

*Blasting music* WHAAAAAT?

LOL!!! xD

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awe, adorable :)

thanks and thanks for commenting :)

your welcome :) thanks for the friend request!

np you seem pretty cool dont be a stranger :)

i am, and i am very dangerous >=3

Rrrrrrrrrrrrawr lol

rrawr ^^ so whats your life like?

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