Cellos And Pianos

Two of my favorite composers are Yoyo Ma and Philip Glass. Their music is so powerful, it evokes something deep within me. I feel the emotion of the songs more than most songs with words. The sounds tell a story of their own. I feel the passion and the sorrow of each song, and I often am inspired to create something when I begin listen to their music. I don't know why I feel such a deep connection to this type of music, maybe because it has a silencing effect to the distractions from the world around me.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Nice story. I appreciate instrumentals also.. Strings and piano always get me, including violin. Mr. Glass was one of the first New Age composers I listened to. <br />
A mix of classical and many other genres flip the switch for me also. Unless the voices are non desc<x>ript and just <br />
harmonizing with the music, I prefer no<br />
voices. Thank you for a well describedstory<br />
<br />
distinuisable words.