Why Are Girls Like That?

One of my friends is a total *******, the kind of person who will screw you for a single cigarrete! A total idiot who only thinks of himself. I hang out with him just because he hangs out with the other friends and sometimes its fun but because i know him from about a year with the time i've learned not to trust him about anything. He lies about everything. The thing is that he has got a girlfriend whos not my type but she is a nice girl, she isnt like most of the girls and is like a total opposite to him. She isnt addicted to lies like he is, she isnt the kind of person who would screw you for a slice of cheese like he would. I don't understand why are they together but then i just figured out that they just find something in each other that other people dont see. A week ago a couple of friends told me that she started going out with him just from sorrow because she hurt him really bad and she feld bad. I didnt take that serious of course because what kind of an idiot would do that? But today something really strange happened. We where all hanging walking my dog and he decided to leave her behind because she was "unnecesarry". I thought it was just a bad joke and it turned out it WAS. But then he started trowing things at her. We do that sort of things so i didnt thing it was something strange, and so did the others.After that we where all just standing and doing nothing when they started fighting over something really awkward. He started yelling at her about how she should respect him and not to act so rudely towards him. She did moreover the same and at first everyone thought that they are just messing around with each other like they use to, but then the thing got ugly. He got her from behind and grab her hair yelling about the same old thing about the respect. They fight like that a lot and mess around with each other so everyone didnt noticed it but then he hit her and she started crying. A friend stop him and she left crying. We continued walking and found her crying all alone on the way home and he went there and started to apology to her. After some time they started talking. But then she started crying again. When we started asking why and he starting saying that is about her ex boyfriend but she said he was lying but refused to answer what was it. But by her words and by knowing him everyone could tell that he IS lying! After about an hour listening to theyr stupid chat she decided to forgive him if he apologys to her formally. He refused. He said that what he did wasnt an real hit and that she was overacting. And so, they continued talking crying and i dont know what, i left with a few friends and went home. I dont know if they made out but i just cant figure out why is she with a piece of trash like him? Everyone knows that he is a piece of garbage and none of them trust him.
zeeek zeeek
18-21, M
May 25, 2012