Mountain Goat Therapy

Here I am, at my desk on Monday. Needing to work, wanting to write. This is the first time I've had the chance to return here in weeks. I am finding that navigating this site is a little overwhelming and confusing, seems it could be organized better, but I am easily confused and overwhelmed, especially with techno stuff, so maybe it is just me.
And why was my weekend beautiful? Intense, passionate sex in the woods with a new lover Saturday night, followed by a rainy Sunday, perfect for my mood and plans (all of which involved indoor tasks). I listened to the amazing Mtn Goats - their (his) lyrics speak so directly to my heart - most of the day, while crocheting a blanket for my son, and finally catching up on all those dishes that have been taking over the kitchen. Felt exhausted, and covered in bug bites, and exhilerated and sad at the same time - from the joy of new love, and the reality that I won't get what I want. Maybe never. Does that mean that I should stop trying, and having some fun along the way?! The pain is real and inevitable, but so is the joy in the moment......
Veeva Veeva
46-50, F
Aug 22, 2012